The upcoming Senate and House of Representatives Election this Fall

Olivia Heizer, Staff Writer

On the eighth of November, the midterm voters will decide who will be voted into the Senate and House of Representatives, two crucial bodies of the United States government. 

Right now the Senate is split 50-50, but controlled by Democrats due to the Vice President tipping the scale. There will be 34 seats open for new members who will serve a six year term. 

The House of Representatives is currently split 222 to 213 with Democrats in control. All 435 seats are up for election, and each winner serves a two year term. 

With both the House and Senate controlled by Democrats, any change in control could majorly affect anything President Biden and the Democrats are trying to accomplish. For now it is forecasted that the House will likely be won by the Republicans while the Senate is a toss up. However, the final results won’t be known for sure until the elections conclude.