New Mario Brother Movies

Is it worth the watch?


A-list voice cast takes on Super Mario Brothers, will it live up to expectations as many fans on TikTok wonder, with the enlightening videos of people singing the famous song from this movie. Jack Black voiced Bowser as he’s a main celebrity known in this film because it’s his biggest and best known film since Jumanji. As well as other known actors like Chris Pratt voicing Mario, Anya Taylor- Joy voicing Princess Peach, Charlie Day voicing Luigi,  Seth Rogen Voicing Donkey Kong and many others like Keegan Michael-key voicing Toad, Fred Armisen voicing Cranky Kong andEric Bauza voicing General Toad. 

This production definitely brought the Super Mario brother Nintendo game to life for the viewers. As it brought obstacles they had to go through as if you were playing the game. The main focus of the film was bowser admiring Princess Peach. Jack black was asked to make a song for this film which definitely carried the emotions in the film and also a very catchy and memorable song called Peach. This song definitely brought the most hype for the movie as it was funny but good, keeping viewers still into the movie. As Jack Black’s character sang the song it has the viewers lured more into the relationship between Bowser and Princess peach. In the movie Bowser is in love with Princess Peach and wants to marry her and rule all worlds with the star power up, but Princess Peach hates bowser and wants nothing to do with him.

The Super Mario Bros movie was based on the old Nintendo games which brought old and new gamers to theaters excited for this movie. Although some parts of the movie were not so intriguing to watch during the beginning of the movie when they were explaining Mario and Lugi’s back storys as well as both of them going into the game realm. With a major voice cast it made up for most of the boring parts as well as bringing it to real life as it brought understanding of how the game is and if you were actually with them trying to defeat Bowser. Even though it’s written for kids the voice actors make it seem like it is for younger adults.

“The best part was when Mario and everyone rode on the rainbow road,” said Jack Gains, a sophomore at Caldera High School.

Is this worth time out of your day to watch? Depending if you’re an old loving Nintendo gamer,  just really into Mario, or just heard the song “Peach”, most likely old Nintendo gamers will enjoy this movie.

“I like Mario cause I used to play all the time on my 3DS,” said Gains.

 It may not be to some people’s liking but if you don’t have anything to watch then it’s definitely worth some time to watch.