New Neighbors: Dump City Dumplings

Bend’s beloved dumpling spot has changed locations but their tasty food stayed the same


Danielle Evans, Web Manager

Whether you’re walking past or entering their shop, the irresistible smell of Dump City Dumplings guaranteedly lures you in for a delicious dumpling…or two. Dump City Dumplings always has a long line—that is worth the wait—at munch and music, fall festivals or even the bottom of Red Chair at Mt. Bachelor in their small food cart. After all, who doesn’t love a warm, soft-breaded shell filled with tastiness? 

Being one of the only dumpling spots in Bend since 2018, Dump City was tucked away in a shared office building off of Upper Terrace Drive near the Old Mill District. Now, they have filled the space that was once Primal Cuts Market. Directly next door to El Sancho and off of Galveston, it’s bound to attract a crowd. 

Owners Keith Shayon and Dan Butters of Dump City Dumplings will always adore their old location. But, with old memories in mind, they are thrilled for what this new location has to offer. 

“We are very excited to be neighbors with good friends El Sancho and Paradise Produce,” Shayon said. “The owners of El Sancho and Barrio helped us brainstorm and later, open a sweet dumpling spot!”

Dumplings are priced at $4 per dumpling. At first the high pricing might seem skeptical, but these dumplings are large and very filling. 

Whenever Dump City features at local events in their food truck, they always charm customers. Their old location made it tricky to find and difficult to discover for newcomers, yet now with the new Galveston space, there is a huge spike in business. 

“I’m excited to be in Galveston with lots of busy traffic for business. This is the next big step for our small business,” Shayon said.

Dump City Dumplings are known for their three main dumplings. If you’re looking for more of a filling dumpling, The Chinese Pulled Pork is perfect. This includes steamed carrots, cabbage, ginger, green onions and braised pork shoulder. The Pad Thai is one of their more popular options, containing grilled tofu, chili peanuts, cabbage, green onion, vermicelli noodles, pickled beets and carrots, you could hardly tell it’s vegan! The 4-cheese pizza dumpling is a cheese-lover’s dream, encompassing house-made marinara, Tillamook cheddar, provolone, queso fresco and parmesan.  Dump City also offers more creative and outside-the-box traditional dumplings, like a jam-filled  dessert for your after-dinner cravings, filled with delicious superberry and strawberry puree and paired with a sweet coconut creme. 

Summit junior Fiona Brandt first tried Dump City when snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor. After that she was hooked and became a regular.

“My favorite dumpling to get at Dump City is tied between the vegan Pad Thai and the 4-Cheese,” Brandt said. “I’m not even vegan but it’s irresistible!” 

This warm and inviting dumpling spot is a great place to do your studies or even make a quick pit stop at lunchtime. If you ever catch yourself around Galveston and are craving something delicious or want to try something new, Dump City will undoubtedly brighten your day!