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Stylish Seniors Sign-Off

The next time you see these fashionable students might be on the runway!

You know when you’re walking down the hallway at Summit and you see someone with the most perfectly curated outfit? Whether they’re dressed in funky patterns, minimalist vibes or even punk, there are so many individuals, especially seniors, who rock their own style. Of course, it’s hard to point out everyone, but below is a list of people with the most unique and individual styles at Summit High School. Now let’s learn more!

Hunter McGrane 

Electric. Unserious. Monochrome.

Senior Hunter McGrane grew up getting style inspiration from his friends and mom. Although he claims to be not “tapped” into the fashion world, McGrane finds ways to express himself through clothes and style. McGrane also draws inspiration from celebrities like Hunter Schaefer and Bjork and shops consistently at thrift stores and online shops like Depop.

“My style is fairly unique mainly because school is typically a more toned down place for outfits, and I can be kind of crazy with what I wear on a given day,” said McGrane.

Along with fluffy fur hats and funky button-up shirts, McGrane has also championed longer jorts for a while. But in general, he chooses to wear what he wants and stays away from the tacky, over-worn fashion trends.

McGrane said he started to care more about what he wore between middle and high school. Ultimately, he wanted an outlet to better express himself, so it led him to start making more decisions about what he wore; up until that point, his mom bought all of his clothes for him. Once quarantine hit, McGrane started wearing things that better fit who he was, not just his physical shape.

McGrane continues to explore fashion and will always advocate for others to wear what they want to wear.

“Don’t be afraid to be weird, and if you think something is fun and cool to wear, then do it,” McGrane said.

Eva Hesiak

Timeless. Edgy. Inspired.

Senior Eva Hesiak rocks a style consisting of a mix of ‘60s-‘00s elements. Hesiak grew up with a hippy dad and a punk goth mom, so her upbringing contributed to her own style. Her mom loved high fashion, so she watched a lot of “Project Runway” and high fashion runway shows.

Aside from her family and getting her hands on magazines at an early age, Hesiak gets a generous amount of inspiration from Gwen Stefani, Courtney Love and “Bratz” dolls. She also enjoys thrifting, mostly at Goodwill and Nikki’s Nearly New.

When it comes to spicing up her wardrobe, or helping others spice theirs up, she often turns to changing up clothes from the past or incorporating non-materialistic items into her style.

“Looking into altering clothes in the decades of the twentieth century and adding more music to your taste is the best inspiration,” Hesiak said.

Hesiak finds joy in vintage clothing more so than fast fashion and micro trends.

“Wear everything you want until it sticks and you don’t need to dress for one aesthetic,” Hesiak said. “Being versatile makes you stand out.”

Isabelle Molebash

Minimalistic. Neutral. Tailored.

Senior Isabelle Molebash claims she takes the most inspiration from fashion influencers, as well as current and past runway shows and European styles, specifically Matilda Djerf, Emma Chamberlain and Marcelo Gaia. Molebash likes to explore the more minimalist and timeless side of fashion when it comes to what she wears every day.

Molebash, like many other fashion icons, shops mainly secondhand. However, unlike others, she sometimes even makes her own clothes.

“I’ve always loved fashion from a young age, but when I was really young, my grandma taught me how to sew, and since then I’ve always been altering my clothes,” Molebash said.

Sewing your own clothes can make the items in your closet unique and personal.  Molebash also strongly believes in quality over quantity.

“Having staple items in your closet that you know you love, even if they cost more than something you could thrift, are always better than having a ton of clothes you never wear,” Molebash said.

Typically, Molebash doesn’t fall victim to the micro trends that many teenagers these days do. But, she did get into Adidas Sambas, claiming they are long-lasting and won’t fade out like the rest.

From her instant love for fashion and being taught to sew her own clothes at a young age, Molebash is and continues to inspire others with her simplistic yet versatile style.

“Fashion is such an amazing form of self expression,” Molebash said. “It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about one another by using style to find what others have in common with you.”

Carson Nashem

Comfortable. Rustic. Fun.

Senior Carson Nashem finds inspiration in icons like Will Mahoney, along with musicians and even his friends. For Nashem, both music and fashion connected him with his artsy side. Nashem also looks to social media, especially Instagram, to find people whose style he can mimic. It motivates him to look in his closet and see his own version of the style choice through.

Often wearing jorts and participating in ‘Flip Flop Fridays,’ Nashem wears clothes that he can feel stylish in but also not spend a fortune on. Luckily, working at Hospice allows him to get fashionable and affordable clothes all the time.

“I don’t really buy clothes from retail since I’m so used to spending 50 cents on a t-shirt; I’m not going to spend $25 on one,” Nashem said.

The trends don’t stick with Nashem like they do with some other people; he likes finding different variations of a trend, or even spicing up a trend to make it more his style.

“You can still wear a basic outfit but mix it up by wearing a fun pair of pants that are bootcut or flare a little bit,” Nashem said.

Mallory Rosen

Recycled. Statement. Fitted.

Senior Mallory Rosen typically aims for an off-model-duty style, taking inspiration from New York streetwear and celebrities like Lily Rose-Depp and Bella Hadid. Rosen often “steals” items she sees on TikTok or Pinterest but then styles them in the way she wants to with the pieces she already has.

Rosen typically goes for clothing that fits the best and makes her feel good.

“I don’t dress for other people and don’t care what other people think,” Rosen said.

Rosen has also always been very artistic, whether it’s art class, man-tech or finding fun ways to organize, so fashion is another way for her to express that side.

“I love accumulating things and grabbing things,” Rosen said.

Also, moving from the East Coast to the West Coast, Rosen noticed a huge difference in the way people dressed. Although it took some getting used to, Rosen took it upon herself to figure it out and find herself through fashion.

Rosen loves accessorizing with anything she can find, from belts to headbands and especially jewelry. It’s also fun for her to add in little charms or to decorate purses. Rosen prides herself in her individuality when it comes to fashion, while also staying “in-the-know” with the latest trends.

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