New and Improved: “Harry’s House”

Harry Styles has Impressed fans with an album different than anything before


Sarah Hawkins, Staff Writer

I can only imagine laying out in the sun, drink in hand, earphones in, my phone playing “Harry’s House.” The music washed everything else away, leaving me captivated by the Styles’ songs. Pure bliss.

Harry Styles has mesmerized listeners with “Harry’s House,” his newest album. Released May 20, and just over a month after release, “As It Was”, “Harry’s House” perfectly exemplifies Styles’ charisma.

Josie Armour, a Summit junior, has always loved Styles.

“I love him for his personality. And I like how inclusive he is about all his fans,” said Armour.

“As It Was”, released from Styles’ album before the official release, hooked new fans and old alike. After the excitement over “As It Was” the pressure was on a full-length album, and the final product very much lives up to our lofty expectations.

“I loved this album because it was very unique from anything he’s previously done,” said Armour. 

Each song in the album is not only different from one another but also different from other albums like “Fine Line,” Styles’ 2019 release. Styles’ has never had trouble putting meaningful lyrics in every song, but each shows a different part of him. After releasing music in “Fine Line” mostly focused around love and darkness while also his self-discovery, “Harry’s House” puts a happier spin on these same themes. Though having similar themes, Styles’ does not stray from putting an individual twist on all his music.

Tracks like “Matilda” dig deep into topics like mental health, but are disguised with more light-hearted themes such as those from Roald Dahl’s “Matilda”. While other songs like “Cinema” reminisce on relationships as a way to hide from the stresses of life. The range of music from Styles’ third solo album is perfect for any playlist, from crying in your room to car songs. 

From “Music For a Sushi Restaurant,” to “Love of my Life,” there is a song for whatever mood, from wanting to break out in dance to sitting alone in your room. Only Styles could make weird rhymes such as, “Green eyes, fried rice” perfect song lyrics, different than anything from Styles’ past music.