Zach Bryan: Something in the Orange

Bryan’s popular new single takes a big lead for his future


Kendra Jackson, Staff Writer

There’s more than just “Something in the Orange.” 

“Something In the Orange” by Zach Bryan tells the story behind his metaphorical lyrics—piquing interest about a relatable slow-tempo country song and a break-up of a one-sided love story. April 2022 Zach Bryan released the song “Something in the Orange” in his album American Heartbreak, which was then made into a single. This song got Bryan the number one position on the Billboard top songwriters chart in mid-2022. Later on, he peaked at number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Fans have watched the music video and submitted videos of orange sunsets to help pull together his biggest metaphor: “something in the Orange, tells me you’re never coming home.” This specific line explains that she is leaving him and never coming back, that he loses hope in himself, and without her, feels nothing. Bryan vividly describes how he feels, and how much connection and love he has for her

“Please, turn those headlights around,” represents him telling her to leave, to heal his pain and wounds, and let her go. 

The deep poetic meaning makes “Something in the Orange” an admirable song that expresses the deep feeling of unrequited love.