Empyres: Are They Worth the Hype?

Pants coming from more than 2 decades ago have been “rising to fame,” thanks to Gen-Z


Andra Lavik, Staff Writer

Leading to one of the most recognizable skate pants, Empyres have made a deep comeback from the 90s, from being a smaller alternative brand, to becoming a major teen style. 

 The pants came out in 1999 by Lauren Blair Blake, a graphic designer from Texas, who also made purses during quarantine and launched her own line. Empyre pants are very popular around schools, skate parks and younger groups of people. Even though they were produced 23 years ago, they have become increasingly well liked with the style of clothing coming back.

If you’ve never heard of or seen them before, they are baggier pants that are mostly worn as corduroy, straight leg, and Jorts (jean shorts). Usually worn with a crop top or baggy t-shirt, they are recognizable with the embroidered Empyre logo.

The real question is, are they worth the hype? Coming from a person that owns 3 pairs, they are very comfortable and affordable, and they can go with almost any outfit.  The price ranges from 45.67 – 64.95, depending on what style you get. Coming in with 10 different styles and 15 different colors, there’s a wide variety to choose from.

 Trenton Ewert, a Sophomore at Summit said, “ I like the style, but I wouldn’t be caught wearing them.”  These pants come from Zumiez’s that doubles as an online store, also found at another online shop called the Blue Tomato. Both shops are considered skate shops that have a lot of skater apparel such as t-shirts, shoes like vans, converse and low rise shoes. Then there’s corduroy pants which are most frequently purchased, sweatshirts, bathing suits and boxers, along with different brands. Are they really worth buying? Jude Lavik, a 7th grader at Cascade Middle School said, “I think they’re cool and have good prices, but they’re overrated.” After all, not everyone can like these.