Take Me Back to “As It Was”

A deep dive into Harry Styles’ newest release

Sarah Hawkins, Staff Writer

The only way to describe Harry Styles’ “As It Was” is that it’s the perfect song to listen to while dancing in the rain. 

Released April 1, 2022, the precursor to Styles’ new album Harry’s House–releasing on May 20, 2022–“As It Was,” pleased both old and new fans.

“I haven’t listened to much music by Harry Styles in the past,” said Paige Deke, Summit Sophomore, “But I am looking forward to his new album because of the release of ‘As It Was’.”

According to Complex, a pop culture review website, “‘As It Was’ secured the biggest streaming week of any song in 2022 so far, with 43.8 million streams, 27.2 million radio airplay audience impressions, and 10,300 downloads throughout its tracking week of April 1-7.” 

Hopefully, Styles’ album will live up to the buzz he created with the release of “As It Was,” which quickly soared to number one on the Billboard hot 100 songs chart.

“As It Was,” a song in which the word comforting is an understatement, will transport listeners to another world. From dancing to crying, this is a song for everyone. 

The cryptic lyrics and little explanation of the song’s meaning haven’t held fans back from working to decipher the story hiding behind it. 

Theories like the trouble of balancing stardom with personal life, rumors about Styles’ love life with girlfriend Olivia Wilde and ideas surrounding the past divorce of Styles’ parents in 2001 keep fans diving deep. 

Whatever the meaning, all that can be said for sure is that the short 2-minute 46-second song has fans singing along, excited for the release of the much-anticipated album Harry’s House.