Contrasting Takes On Jack Harlow’s Recent Release, “First Class”.


Eleni Adams and Macy Barham

On April 8, Jack Harlow released his new single, “First Class” , a track that involves Fergie’s 2006 hit single, “Glamorous”. Prior to the release, a sneak peak into the song’s chorus was shared via TikTok, reaching 60 million views, and generating excitement for the new single.

Jack Harlow’s Ride in “First Class” Will Be a Long One

TikTok users went into a frenzy after watching a quick 15-second video that Jack Harlow posted on his TikTok account. The video was a teaser of Harlow’s new single, “First Class”, introducing the chorus that includes vocals from the song “Glamorous”, a single by Fergie. Harlow’s clever take on Fergie’s Hit song made his followers eager to get their hands on the rest of “First Class”. 

Harlow’s classic producing style shines through in this single, creating a catchy beat that can be applied to any situation in need of a good song. Whether you’re at a party, stuck in traffic, or doing homework, “First Class” will either hype you up, speed up time, or increase your efficiency. 

The song illustrates Harlow’s rise to fame and wealth, while people constantly try to tear him down. In “First Class”, Harlow expresses his need to stay in first class so he can provide for his family. “This lifestyle don’t got many downsides except for the lack of time I get around my family, making sure they never downsize. I got visions of my mom saying, ‘Wait, this house mine?’”

Ella Shwindt and Joanne Porter, both juniors at Summit High School, thoroughly enjoyed “First Class” and its attractive lyrics. 

“It’s a catchy song and Jack Harlow is a very good artist and is very good looking,” said Porter. “First Class” is a song that will play in your head on repeat…which, you won’t mind. 

Harlow is living glamorously while his new release has become the fastest selling single of the year,  with over 100,000 units bought in the US since its release. The single rose to the number one spot on Global Top 100 on Apple and Spotify.

With a new album dropping on May 6 called, “Come Home The Kids Miss You”, Harlow’s future is looking bright, assuming “First Class” reflects what his new album will entail.

Jack Harlow’s Recent Release Lacks the Depth the Rapper Seeks to Achieve

In “First Class,” Harlow’s suggestive lyrics blend exceptionally well with Fergie’s established vocals. The chorus is exactly what fans expected—a sultry track that provides background music for this summer’s escapades. Looking past this, the other verses quickly fall short. The remainder of the song feels distant and underproduced, a stark contrast from the upbeat hook. Harlow relies heavily on the song he samples, instead of striving to improve his own original lyrics. 

“I thought it was really hyped up, and it was a little bit of a let down,” said junior Zoey Steele after listening to the song.

For an artist that considers the icon Eminem to be one of their biggest influences, Harlow needs to strive for more than just frivolous tracks. 

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Harlow explained “I want to be the face of my shit, like the face of my generation, for these next 10 years. We need more people in my generation that are trying to be the best, and you can’t do that with just ear candy, vibe records.”

Harlow’s recent release is the epitome of what he claims to be moving away from, leaving questions about the state of his coming album set to be released May 6th. Regardless, his loyal female fan base guarantees “First Class” will be a top hit in coming months, even if it solely relies on its chorus.