Enjoy’s “Lounge Thoughts”

Peculiar, lost-at-sea elevator music (in a good way).


Wyatt Shears art by Kylie Myers

Emi Smart, Features Editor

While different from Wyatt Shears’ other electronic, “easy listening” music, his new single, “Lounge Thoughts,” still finds its way to the same notion. 

Enjoy is Shear’s solo venture apart from his more popular band, The Garden. It’s a well-detailed venture into the more shallow waters and shore of Vada Vada (the made-up musical universe the Shears brothers created)–which “Lounge Thoughts” encapsulates.

Wyatt’s most highlighted talent of the bass—shown most in The Garden—is clearly included in his new single, with a catchy riff that blends into the rest of the low-tempo song.

Latin musical influences are prominent, with acoustic solos and additions of instruments like the güiro and maracas. 

And the miraged disorder of the music (including Enjoy’s slide whistle debut) is well reflected in the lyrics of “Lounge Thoughts,” with Shears repeatedly singing “you couldn’t say it was never a dream, ‘cause if the dream seemed real than it is what it is.” 

Critics argue that the Shears twins’ music is analogous to the first “song” in anyone’s GarageBand app—screwing around with weird sound effects and time signatures. But, ironic or not, it’s obvious from Spotify stats alone that listeners are all for the chaotic music. 

Enjoy’s 2018 album “Small Car Big Wheels”—home to the hit track of the same name—holds the Vada Vada staple of fast, scrappy electro-punk drums, while his new 2022 release offers the contrary of simple drum beats. 

Listening to Enjoy’s “Lounge Thoughts” is waiting in line to check in at a 60’s themed, trinket-filled motel in Vegas–you’re looking around, curious and entertained–but nonetheless, waiting.