Adele’s New Hit Song Hits Close to Home

“Easy On Me” is one of the newest pop hit songs—and everyone is thrilled with her new release.

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Abby Toolan, Staff Writer

With all the chaos going on in the world Adele’s new release is a sense of ease and clarity to the ears and hearts of all who listen. The sensation that flows through one’s body when you push play, a pure rush of happiness and peace of mind is a brilliant and joyful melody that fluctuates throughout your body. The sweet tune of the piano goes in one ear and comes out with you wanting to sing along. Adele has longed for a new album release, and the fans were dying to listen to her new album. Adele never lets her fans know, that’s for sure. 

The clarity that “Easy On Me” expresses throughout the song is a whole new level of brilliance. The song has a smooth rhythm that makes one want to stop what they are doing and be still in order to soak in all the joy created throughout the song. Adele writes this song in order to express how “we” all are so harsh on one another when in reality no one knows what someone is going through. If it only was that easy to go easy on one another. Every lyric contains a type of connection to the practical issue that affects us in our everyday lives.

 Adele sings “I didn’t get the chance to feel the world around me, I had no time to choose, what I chose to do so go easy on me.” When we are so involved in caring about what the world thinks about us, we lose precious time that we could be spending accepting one another and inspiring to be one’s best self. 

Adele is a talented singer songwriter who has had a very successful career–other top hits by the award-winning artist include “Hello,”  “Rolling in the Deep,” “Water Under the Bridge” and many more.