The Rise of the Fine-Dining Restaurants

How a pub-filled town is becoming one of the most food-influenced cities in Oregon


Bend has been known for beer and hops for decades. In recent times, however, a huge influx of upscale fine dining establishments have begun to overtake the brewing and pub industry.

Bend has started seeing a surge of Portland restaurant owners, such as John Gorham, the former owner of popular Portland restaurant Toro Bravo. Gotham recently opened RBC (Rancher Butcher Chef), which is a modern butcher counter and dining room located in Northwest Crossing. Popular food chains in Portland have moved into Bend as well, such as Bamboo Sushi and SuperDeluxe.  Portland has started to move businesses to Bend and other cities because of the loss in population due to the pandemic, but also due to the overall state of the city. 

“I think that it’s great that people are trying new things,” said Summit junior Ash Blakley. 

As Bend keeps growing, these dining establishments have increased interest in tourists and in locals, and as more diverse restaurants come along, we are seeing a large uprising of tourism and popularity. 

“It’s nice that new restaurants are being put in Bend and we can be less pub-y,” Blakely said. 

Hopefully, as more and more restaurants emerge in Bend, people will expand their pallets and become more adventurous eaters. This diversity that Bend is seeing will also help other restaurants and small businesses with the constant influx of tourists.

With these incoming restaurants, the dining in Bend will be flipped on its head, and may become a foodie theme park that can finally excite the taste buds.