Mondo: More Than Just a Pizza Parlor

This 26-year-old establishment offers the best GF crust in town


Dailey Arnold, Staff Writer

Being the daughter of a self-described “foodie,” I found the transition to a gluten-free diet difficult—at first. But, I was happily surprised by all of the amazing alternatives stocking the shelves of grocery stores and restaurant menus. Blissful Spoon pastries can satisfy any craving. The bowls at Active Culture are wholesome and delicious. Yet, I still struggled to find a decent pizza. After blind taste-testing gluten-free pizzas from restaurants around Bend, there is one place that stands out above all where GF dough is concerned: Pizza Mondo. 

If you’re willing to wait in a downtown line for a good GF pie, then this cozy pizzeria is the place to go. The dough, lacking the off-putting taste of many wheat-free alternatives, is not overly chewy or crunchy. In other words, this pizza is not limp and lifeless (which already exceeds most GF options). Compared to Bend Pizza Kitchen and Pacific Pizza and Brew, the dough has more rise. As an added bonus, Mondo’s sauce and toppings have a bolder flavor than competing establishments. 

While the food is delicious, it is still important to note that only whole pizzas, not slices, come gluten free. And sadly, the dough, made with a combination of tapioca, sweet rice, sorghum, millet, brown rice and white rice flours, is not recommended for those with severe gluten allergies. In the future, perhaps advances are made in the “field” of gluten-free pizza on a broader scale, but as of now, this Bend establishment is your best bet.