“Toasted” Subs Replaces Subway Subs

Another sandwich chain comes to Bend: Cheba Hut.


Mia Mees, Staff Writer

After Subway’s somewhat tragic close on Sep. 1, remodels within their old establishment showed promise for the start of something new and improved. Eight months after the close, March 28th marked the opening of Cheba Hut “Toasted” Subs, a sandwich chain on SW Century Drive and SW Simpson Avenue. What makes this opening so interesting is the style and theme of their establishment revolving around marijuana. 

Upon entering, customers are greeted with a sensory overload. The mural that covers almost every wall of the store is a bit extreme, with blatant weed references, and the music could be just a little quieter. The utilization of space is more strategic and compact compared to Subway’s old layout, the remodel was well needed to fit the fun, youthful and casual vibe they encapsulate. Opening day wielded a rather large show of customers from different walks of life, who could have used more waiting space. 

The sandwiches themselves are priced a little higher than the average highschool student would be willing to pay. The menu contains over 30 signature sandwiches, two bread options, and three sizes. Considering Cheba Hut sources their bread from a bakery that has been in business for 50 years, there should be more bread options. A nifty feature is that all subs can also be made into a salad. Their popular Kali Mist sub, a spicy bacon and turkey sandwich was rather tasty; the ingredients seemed to be fairly good quality. Their “shake and house dressing” is a good addition to most subs, along with their other sauces that are paired with subs based on its contents. Their “Munchies” contained just about every variation of crispy treats and one type of cookie. The most concerning item by far was their limited edition Cheeto Crispy. Someone would have to be under the influence to enjoy Cheetos coated in marshmallow, so thankfully it’s limited. 

Taylor Sutterfield, enjoying a sandwich with her friend, says, “I work here, and my boyfriend’s family franchises it, so I love it. It’s definitely new and exciting to have in Bend.” 

Four Summit students waiting for their orders while playing corn hole shared their thoughts on the replacement sandwich joint. 

“Now there’s no subway though,” says senior Tyler Winans. “Subway was so easy, like, coming down from the mountain it was my go-to food stop,” which brings up an important point. Subway was quicker at making sandwiches, however they had far less clientele. 

“I think that there could be some issues with the targeted audience of this establishment,” says Brick Nelson, a junior. 

“The theme is pretty provocative, and I’m glad they’re promoting conversation,” says junior August Wilcox, in acknowledgment of his friend Nelson’s statement. 

Cheba Hut originated in Arizona and spread to 16 states, their Bend-Westside location being the second in Oregon. New Bend residents coming from cities with the franchise were excited to have one in the ever-growing city. 

“We had a Cheba Hut a mile away from where we used to live, and would go there almost every weekend. We’ve been anticipating the opening of this one,” says Dan Brooks, enjoying a family meal with his wife and six year old son. 

Compared to Subway, the clear majority of Cheba Hut customers side with the toasted subs business. Though it would be nice to still have a Subway conveniently located on the westside of Bend, the vibrant and fresh sandwich shop was the better option.