Outer Banks


Ellie Skjersaa, Former Sports Editor

Netflix has certainly been on a roll by continuing to provide all of us couch addicts with binge-worthy shows during quarantine. This time, introducing us all to the life of Pogues and Kooks.

The show is set in Outer Banks, North Carolina where two very distinct classes, the Kooks: the rich, spoiled, royalty of the island, and the Pogues: the common laborers who work hard and get the minimum in return.

First, we are introduced to Pogue John Booker Routledge, played by Chase Stokes. John B’s dad went missing at sea while attempting to find the rumored 400 million dollars in gold on the shipwreck called “The Royal Merchant.” John B. and his friends JJ, Pope and Kiara then set off to finish what his father started.

During their search, the characters face fights, new romance and conflicts that leave them constantly on the  brink of death. But, what’s a good Netflix drama without characters falling from buildings and capsizing boats?

On top of the great plot, the filming was done in Charleston, South Carolina without green screens or artificial lighting, making the show even more authentic. The actors were able to take swimming, scuba diving and surfing lessons in order to prepare for boating or underwater scenes. Stokes said in a Netflix interview that he had almost gotten hypothermia filming in the 65 degree water. Their hard work paid off, as these scenes  made the show that much more genuine.

This show quickly became an american phenomenon, as it’s been ranked number one on Netflix, talked about all over social media, and everyone is anxious to see if season two is going to appear in the near future. Additionally the show is getting a lot of attention on the social media app, Tiktok. Some teens posted about how Outer Banks helped them get through quarantine, reminding them that they’ll get to see their friends again soon.

“The show gave something for me and my friends to do even while separated as we could talk about it and the summer we hope we can have. I enjoyed the action in the show the most, it was very entertaining,” said Junior, Bella Millette.

The producers couldn’t have released the show at a better time, giving us a taste of summer and freedom during a time where we’re isolated in our homes. Hopefully we’ll see a second season very soon.