Marvel’s “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Norse myths reinvented


Scout Crockett, Staff Writer

“Thor: Love and Thunder” is the story of a god dealing with common human struggles on a journey of self discovery- while also fighting monsters and villains with his magic ax. The film, released in theaters July 8th, brings the much-anticipated return of Chris Hemsworth as the God of Thunder, along with many other familiar characters. Thor and his companions must embark on a mission across the universe to retrieve Asgard’s children, who were kidnapped by Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher. Included in the band of heroes is Natalie Portman, reprising her role as Doctor Jane Foster.

Director Taika Waititi picks up right where he left off by bringing back the quirky and colorful elements from the film’s predecessor, “Thor: Ragnarok,” which he also directed. His individualistic style is a refreshing change in tone from the previous Thor films, which are much darker (literally and metaphorically). Waititi reveals the lighter hearted side of Thor, evolving his personality from just being hot into a relatable and witty character. Unfortunately, “Love and Thunder” was a poor attempt at replicating the praised prequel’s zany humor. Although funny, some lines become repetitive and annoying, especially the screaming goats. 

Yet, in contrast to all of the comedy, Thor’s depressing past shows through. Between all of the hair flips and fighting, Thor faces grief, guilt and the hardships of being a hero. By the end of the film, Thor is learning to love again and healing from the trauma of the past decade, thereby setting a healthy example for viewers. 

“Love and Thunder” also mirrors real world instances as characters question the morals of the gods, who are supposed to protect them—much like how today’s government often turns a blind eye when issues are brought to light. 

The combination of the eighties soundtrack, compelling characters and vibrant visuals all add up to the spectacular feeling you get from this movie. Despite the overdone jokes, “Love and Thunder” is a heartfelt and uplifting movie that everyone should enjoy.