Top Gun Maverick is the Sequel of the Year to Beat

From the F-18s to the new character drama and budding romance, this movie gives the audience a little bit of everything, and won’t disappoint


Maria Bartness, Staff Writer

   Maverick is back, and better than ever, as the opening scene starts with him disobeying the admiral’s orders and flying off in “The Darkstar” reaching supersonic speed, and pushing himself past impossible limits, which is no surprise to the audience as Maverick is still his adventurous, mischievous self. This opening scene sets the mood for the movie, as the audience can expect to be on the edge of their seats, continuing at the same pace it started with.

  The producers do an excellent job at incorporating old scenes and details from the original Top Gun, helping continue the plot and adding a feeling of nostalgia. Old and new actors are brought together in the movie, including Tom Cruise and Van Kilmer, as well as Jennifer Connelly who was only mentioned in the original but brought to life in the sequel as Maverick’s love interest. Despite Maverick disobeying every rule in the book, he is brought back to Top Gun to teach the new generation of fighter pilots. Amongst this group is Rooster played by Miles Teller, son of Maverick’s best friend Goose who tragically passed away in the original, who brings his own drama to the movie.

  In all honesty, I was very surprised by how the producers and directors were able to top the first movie. Going into the movie theater, I had no idea how they were going to entertain the audience and what twist they would put on it, however, by the end of the movie, I was already on my phone buying tickets to watch it again. Though the plot of the movie was extremely interesting and entertaining with Maverick almost dying every other minute, and the iconic beach scene, the mission these novice Top Gun pilots had to complete was unrealistic. Throughout the movie, Generals would continually imply that they doubted their fighter pilots would return home, deeming the mission impossible which is something that may not be realistic when being a part of the Navy. 

  Top Gun Maverick is a piece of cinematic art that will leave fangirls crying, boys inspired and parents reminiscing on the good ole days of the first Top Gun. This sequel has matched the level of the first movie if not surpassing it with its realistic takes of being a fighter pilot and its adrenaline-filled scenes.