Florence Pugh: Her Powerful Influence

Breaking gender stereotypes, Florence Pugh rises the ranks not only in films but in viewers’ hearts.


Colette Lorge, Staff Writer

Most recently seen in the 2022 film “Don’t Worry Darling,” Florence Pugh has impacted gender stereotypes in the modern-day film industry immensely. Between taking on strong feminist roles and exploring the more emotional and dramatic side of life, Pugh illustrates all sides of the female form. Making her acting debut in the 2014 drama film “The Falling” and gaining recognition for her lead role in “Lady Macbeth,” Pugh has become a role model for many, especially young girls.

Alice Chambers, portrayed by Florence Pugh, is a 1950s wife in the thriller/mystery film “Don’t Worry Darling.” Chambers seems to know little about anything—she always is obeying her husband and following his “orders.” But later, Chambers discovers horrific secrets within her husband’s company and begins revealing the classified information. Dealing with the hardships of being in such a position, she becomes an influential figure, much more than just the typical 50s housewife. 

Another example of breaking gender norms can be seen by Pugh in her upcoming film “A Good Person.” However, in this film, her character is overcoming an unimaginable trauma while simultaneously struggling with grief, opioids and depression. In “Don’t Worry Darling,” she was demonstrating how to be independent and a leader. Yet, in “A Good Person,” she indirectly communicates to the audience that it’s ok to go through low points, which ultimately just make people stronger.

Pugh has turned many of her characters into strong, feminist females, showing many young watchers that girls aren’t just meant to play with Barbie dolls.