“Shalala” By Moses Gunn Collective

Shalala By Moses Gunn Collective

Elliana Bowers, News Editor

The track opens with sneering guitars and woozy rhythms, reminiscent of a summertime bliss with pastel hues and warm textures oozing from its core. “Shalala” is a carefree sounding track, although the lyrics in the song point to an otherwise meaningful message. The song is track six in Moses Gunn Collective’s Album Mercy Mountain, and fits perfectly in with the rest of the album. It’s a collision of psychedelic rock dusted in glitter, indie tunes, and jangly pop. The song talks about accepting your own death by romanticizing those last moments of life. “Don’t bow your head when you lay on your deathbed,” instead sing Shalala. The repeated phrase of “Shalala” throughout the song, whether in the chorus or in the distant background, is a message that appears to be this Dazed and Confused esk band’s way of saying YOLO. The song sounds similar to the works of Tame Impala–even Mac DeMarco’s “Chamber of Reflection” seems to give off that similar dazy and distant vibe. With the groove centric melodies, delirious harmonies, and flourishing brushstrokes of sonic color, Moses Gunn Collective produce a hazy, sun-kissed style of music.