Rubbish Renewed Fashion Show Raises Environmental Awareness


India Slodki, Features Editor

What started as a fundraiser for an alternative education program is turning into an annual city-wide staple, a fashion-centered event that everyone in the community can enjoy.

Scheduled for Jan. 25, the 10th annual Rubbish Renewed Eco Fashion Show is bound to be a thought-provoking, inspiring showcase of amazing local talent.

Held as a fundraiser for REALMS, the show encourages people to take a look at how much waste their lifestyles produce, how to decrease that amount and in what ways they can reuse or eliminate single-use materials by showing new ways of using discarded products.

Sophomore Becky Knight has participated several times. She was encouraged by her middle school, REALMS, to think outside the box and utilize creative thinking.

“It was an elective class to create a garment at REALMS,” Knight said,  “It was eye-opening to experience what you can do with discarded items.”

Rubbish Renewed is a community-driven performance, displaying works of art created from entirely recycled or upcycled materials. Both student designers and businesses alike can partake in the fun as there is a section in the show for both.

“When you’re eleven years old and have the freedom to design and put your work in a fashion show, it’s a really cool opportunity,” Knight said.

Young creative minds, such as Knight, make a big impact. Last year, the annual event raised $30,000 for the REALMS educational fund. This money helps fund educational field trips and resources to promote a more successful learning environment.

Those interested in submitting a piece for the show next year can do so on the Rubbish Renewed website: