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    Is Mac DeMarco disappearing from the music scene?

    DeMarco’s mental health is taking a toll on his music and fans are beginning to notice

    Often dubbed “the prince of indie music,” icon Mac DeMarco has made quality tunes for more than a decade. This is an artist who has used his natural creativity for years to consistently craft original, catchy and unconventional songs for millions of listeners worldwide. Beyond his music, DeMarco has made a name for himself just being the person that he is. His music is a reflection of his offbeat personality. After all, he is described as a charismatic, humorous and laid-back kind of guy. 

    “Even if you look at him, he looks like a regular dude, he is not at all into himself, and I think that helps his audience be able to connect to his music on a more personal level,” said avid DeMarco listener and Summit sophomore Kennan Lahey. After asking the community of listeners here at Summit, it is clear that people continue to have faith in him as an artist, as there were only positive comments when asking about his music new and old. DeMarco’s music however has recently been less than satisfactory.

    “Five Easy Hot Dogs,” an album released by DeMarco in Jan. 2023 contains six instrumental songs. No doubt many of the tracks seem like they could be expanded on. Although strange it was almost nice to see DeMarco try something new until his newest album came out.

    DeMarco’s “One Wayne G” is his most recent and sixth studio album and contains a revolting 199 songs. Nine and a half hours of music and none of it stands out whatsoever. The songs in question are almost all instrumental with some having simple scratch vocals, completely contrasting with his old music with witty lines and powerful vocals, but having much in common with the previous album. With the release of this album came massive backlash from the community of DeMarco listeners. This album was a Snoozefest, every song like the last, an almost 10-hour loop of brain-numbing songs. DeMarco listeners can tell something has changed. 

    It was an exciting change of pace to see one album be fully instrumental, but quickly got old with the release of the second instrumental album in a row. It is one thing to occasionally dish out a few songs that are instrumental, but producing over 200 songs in one year and having all of them be instrumental—now that’s odd. DeMarco is putting less work into his songs and it shows, but his decline in music quality and effort is not random with a direct correlation to his mental health.

    Over the years, DeMarco has made no secret of his struggles with mental health and, in an old interview with Coachella, DeMarco said, “I have felt a lot of different feelings this year, depression, anxiety, different things. It’s strange. It’s cruel. Life is cruel.” It is hard not to connect DeMarco’s recent health issues with the fall off of quality in his music.

    DeMarco has also brought up in an interview that he is trying to quit touring permanently. He mentions how touring always inevitably leads to his alcoholism coming out.

    “My alcoholism stems from being scared of playing. I don’t really drink when I am at home,” said DeMarco in an interview with Huck Magazine  Although obvious support was received from fans, people were skeptical, and even sad, thinking that DeMarco could be done with his tours forever.  

    What does all of this mean for DeMarco’s future and the future of his listeners? It is important to remember that DeMarco started music not for fame or money, but because he truly loved it and wanted to share what he loved with the world. DeMarco’s inconsistent way of life makes it hard to tell where he wants to take his music career next. His lack of recent music quality and the abrupt end of his touring career have a direct correlation to his recent battles with both addiction and depression. Meaning for DeMarco’s health and wellbeing we might have to say goodbye, at least for a little while. Fortunately, one thing is for sure wherever DeMarco ends up, he will be happier and healthier with his group of fans to carry him along.

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