Girls Cross Country Team Takes the Line at the State Championship Meet

Camille Broadbent, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 5 the Summit Girls Cross Country team will take the line at the state championship meet in Eugene. The girls currently possess thirteen straight state championship titles and are eager for more. If they can secure the big win on Saturday they will hold the Oregon record for the most consecutive state championships a team has ever won. Summit Cross Country has proven their strength among all competition by winning state at both the 5A and the much more competitive 6A level. 

Girls Summit XC is ranked first in the state in 5A and they are predicted to win by a dominating 50 points. Although Summit has recently experienced some snow fall, it is nothing the team isn’t used to. The girls final goal is to race at Nationals on December 3 which will entail training through the tough conditions of Bend Oregon. This can be a slight disadvantage for the girls, as teams in the valley do not have to worry about weather. However, it will ultimately make them tougher for this Saturday’s state race.