The Storm’s Fall 5A Success


Kian Taylor, Staff Writer

Going into this fall sports season, there were mixed emotions. Many were dissatisfied with Summit’s move to 5A. It was believed that Summit would dominate the 5A competition. So far for this fall sports season, the Storm have been mostly holding true to this belief. 

Heading into the last week of September, the Summit Storm Girls Soccer team were just 2-2, ranked 13th in 5A. On Tuesday, Sep. 27, Summit breezed by Mountain View with ease 5-0. Then on Friday, Sep. 30, they defeated Bend High 6-0. This week, the Storm is ranked 4th place in 5A, climbing the rankings significantly. Summit is now 4-2 and 3-0 in league play. However, on Tuesday, Oct. 4, they will face a very tough opponent, 2nd ranked Caldera. Which looks to be an exciting battle at home.

On the other hand, Summit Boys Soccer has stayed dominant, maintaining their 1st place rank. After a 4-0 win vs Mountain View and a 3-1 win at Bend High. They too will face the Caldera, Oct. 4, at Caldera. The Storm and the Wolfpack are in very different situations. This season being Caldera’s first varsity season and second year open as a school puts them at a disadvantage. They have no seniors and are Ranked 25th in 5A. Meanwhile the Storm, 1st in the state, are in contention for a state championship for back to back seasons. 

Summit’s volleyball has been very streaky all season. With a record of 5-9, they are ranked 12th in the state for 5A. They do, however, have a relatively easy end to the season and could turn their record around. With the roster being filled with 3 sophomores and 6 juniors, the Storm have a lot of potential to be excellent in the coming years. Summit faces Mountain View and Caldera this Wednesday, Oct. 5.  This will be the 2nd time facing these teams this season, beating both teams 3-0 in previous matchups. 

The football team at Summit has been outstanding thus far. They started their season with a hard fought loss to Tualatin, who is currently ranked as the 2nd team in 6A. The Storm haven’t lost since. Crushing 5A competition, they are on a 4 game win streak, winning all 4 by double digits. This Friday, Oct. 7th, the Storm face their rivals, the Bend Lava Bears at home. This is a highly anticipated game as the Lava Bears are 5-0, ranked 1st in 5A, while the Storm, 4-1, are ranked 3rd. 

The storm has dominated their move to 5A, and the conference changed. Through fall sports thus far, Summit has a collective record of 12-2 in the Intermountain Conference. Only about halfway through the season, the Storm will likely win multiple Conference titles along with making deep playoff pushes.