Isabella’s Review of the Week

By Isabella Cornutt


“Lousy Connection”, Ezra Furman

Everything about Ezra Furman is in a constant state of motion. His albums pulse with energy as they ignite a world of truth until he watches them burn down to ashes. On “Lousy Connection,” Furman explores the emotional vacancy of a life that moves at lightspeed over doo-wop backing vocals and swinging saxophones. Though he’s worried that the whole world is caught up in “a game of worldwide karaoke,” Furman promises his “undying affection” to whoever will listen.

Furman’s lyricism hits on a paradoxical feeling of isolation in just a few words: “There’s nothing happening, it’s happening too fast.” Every line is a fresh metaphor of longing and ache, yet the angst that spews from Furman’s raspy voice still carries a tune that you just can’t help to tap your foot to.


“Life of the Party”, Olivia Gatwood

“Life of the Party” is an ingenious poem collection by an emerging feminist voice, Olivia Gatwood. Filled with raw and frenzied poems about growing up in a violent world and nightmares every girl faces, Gatwood claws at the foundation that sexual assault is built on. 

Gatwood also explores sexism’s relationship with society as the beating of scarred heartbeats reverberates through “Life of the Party”. Gatwood herself has received national recognition for her poetry, writing workshops, and influence in sexual assault prevention and recovery.

TV Show:

“Money Heist” directed by Álex Pina

Spanish drama series “Money Heist” received critical acclaim for its sophisticated plot and compelling interpersonal dramas. An artsy and edgy cinematic masterpiece, “Money Heist” brings a new perspective to the bad guys as a band of misfits navigate a treacherous robbery of the Royal Mint of Spain in Madrid. Later, the group returns to larceny with an assault on the Bank of Spain. 

The twisted series is told in a real-time-like fashion and relies on flashbacks, time-jumps, hidden character motivations and an unreliable narrator for captivating complexity. 

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