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What Does “Prom Till Dawn” Really Mean?

What to expect for this year’s dance

It’s that time of year again! Stress about ordering dresses, finding dates and planning the after-party arises between most upperclassmen. But this time, prom is a little different. The decided theme, “Prom Till Dawn,” has sparked various opinions among students.

“Prom Till Dawn” will be taking place on May 11 at the Midtown Ballroom, also known as the Domino Room. The theme itself is meant to mimic a rave-like atmosphere but without some rave aspects, according to Summit Student Council representatives. Due to big sports events, the Midtown Ballroom was one of the only locations that wasn’t booked. Typically, the prom theme is planned around the location, since some locations don’t allow decorations or certain aesthetics. Therefore, with the location decided, “Prom Till Dawn” was collectively agreed upon.

Summit Student Body President and senior, Max Himstreet, had an important role in planning this year’s prom. Himstreet and his classmates in Student Council had to work around admin to come up with a theme that included rave-esque things.

“I think some people are just confused because of the way we had to word it, but that’s just how the school made us word it,” Himstreet said.

The Midtown Ballroom holds lots of concerts and fun events, with its bright lights and neon vibes. Consequently, “Prom Till Dawn” will consist of high energy, strobe and ultraviolet lights as well as expansive sound systems.

“We’re going for the vibes of an Ibiza nightclub rave, but without the Ibiza nightclub rave drugs,” Himstreet said.

Vice President and junior Alicia Watson expressed that ultimately the theme was the best fit for the venue style, as a typical summer or spring theme would not work with all of the colored lights and glow decor.

“I love the theme. It never really affects what people wear and only the look of the dance, so I think it will be super fun,” Watson said.

The venue is also in a convenient spot since it is within walking distance from downtown, making it easy for groups eating dinner since they can just walk to the Midtown Ballroom afterward.

Yet for some students, like senior Winston Bermudez, the theme is a bit confusing and doesn’t make much sense.

“I feel like it’s weird because it’s not even really a prom theme; are we even going till dawn?” Bermudez said.

This thought also raises confusion in many others since they could have chosen a disco or neon theme instead. The clubbing-esque aspect of “Prom Till Dawn” contradicts all of the complications that have come from administrators.

Others, though, enjoy how unique and “new feeling” the theme feels.

“I like it. I think it’s different. I’ve never seen it before, so I think that’s cool,” said senior Grady Aston.

However, senior Ruby Jameson doesn’t know how to feel, since in the past, we’ve had more spring-like themes.

“Honestly I don’t let the prom theme affect my thoughts of prom and what dress I’m going to wear—it doesn’t matter to me,” Jameson said. “But I kind of wish it was something more elegant and not so strobe and intense.”

Jameson made a good point. Most people don’t even dress to the theme anyways; prom as a whole has taken an extravagant turn, whether it’s dressing to the theme, promposals and more.

No matter the theme, or whether or not you have a date, prom is a fun event to close out the year for upperclassmen, and even close out seniors’ high school careers. “Prom Till Dawn” will be filled with energetic music, neon lights and rave-like features. So enjoy the time with your friends and embrace the unique theme, making it unlike anything you’ve seen before!

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