Summer Fashion Trends for This Summer


Maddie Knea, Staff Writer

With the summer of 2022 right around the corner, those in the fashion world have started to take a step back from their current wardrobes and look into what’s coming next. Here are the most notable of trends that are on their way to your shopping list– and where to shop for them affordably in Bend.

The fashion this summer will be something to keep an eye on. With COVID seemingly in the rear view mirror, the fashion trends are predicted to get eccentric! We’ll see fashion icons bring back aspects from the 2000’s, with a modern twist–expanding on last summer’s Y2K comeback. Popular fashion might also blend with a bit of goth culture, creating dark, romantic looks fit for the runway. Causal is becoming less of a daily look as skinny jeans and a simple tee are now seen as too basic to be fashionable. While we’re on the topic of skinny jeans: burn them immediately. 

Bras as shirts, wide legged jeans, and pounds of jewelry are simple. There is however a difference between basic style and simple fashion. Basic tends to be trending clothes, however they are bland and baseline. While simple outfits are color coordinated and put together, it’s interesting and easy but not bland. 

As they say, fashion is cyclical and therefore has become extremely similar to 2010 and 2000’s fashion. We mix futuristic looks, and street wear with 2000’s low rise. Low rise jeans both flared and baggy are back in style, pull them out your mothers closet to accentuate your waist and lengthen your torso. High rise is also in style, but with different positives, as they shorten your torso and thin your waist. It’s up to the individuals to decide which fashion is more flattering on them. 

Bend isn’t a town with 7 shopping malls, and it certainly isn’t the fashion capital of the world, but there are some places where you can buy clothes reasonably priced that fit with the trends. 

  • Regroup – A thrift store with a great variety of clothes, with fashion being cyclical thrift stores are a great place to find jeans that are coming back into style. 
  • Goodwill – Same thing with goodwill. It’s a true thrift staple with a huge selection. 
  • Target – Target is for the most part inexpensive and while you can find some unique and interesting pieces of clothing, it’s a great place to shop for the basic amenities. 
  • Zumimes – While more pricey than the other options it does cater to a more grunge and skater type style.
  • Ross – Ross is known for “dressing for less” as that is their slogan, plus we have more than one in town which makes them accessible.

Fashion can get expensive, but with the right tools and mindset, fashion can be accessible to anyone!