Thank You, Seniors

The best advice from the ones who have experienced it


Avery Ruhl, Staff Writer

Seniors, on their final day as high schoolers, walked across the stage, received their diplomas and tossed their mortarboard hats in the sky. Four years of tests, assignments, social activities, art, sports and drama and generally experiencing the full spectrum of high school life. So who better to ask for  advice than those who have been through it all? The ups and downs, the twists and turns—our seniors have the answers for how to navigate such trials. Here’s some great advice from the seniors of class 2022.

  • Hannah Kendall: “Honestly the most important thing in my opinion is making sure to prioritize school when you need to and talk to teachers when you can’t—such as sports causing late assignments.”

  • Katy Klein: “Don’t be afraid to try something new, you’ll never know if you might really like it.”

  • Klein: “Quizlet, flashcards, and one pagers are honestly so useful. Take advantage of all your resources”

  • Macy Pofahl: “The most effective way to balance school and social life is to go to a cafe with close friends and grind out all your homework at once.”

  • Pofahl:“If I could give advice to my freshman self it would be to focus on learning how to love myself. High school will completely change you, and so it’s important to be able to love and trust yourself enough to get through anything”

  • Charlie Murphy: “Really find who you want to be and realize what makes you inspired. As well as what gives you purpose. There are big decisions coming up such as career in college and I recommend not waiting. The sooner you know the better you’ll be”

  • Max Anders: “I would definitely get involved in school activities and be nice to everyone and have fun and also get good grades,”

  • Pofahl: “My advice is to just be kind. You’re only here for one or two more years and then you’re done. Insecure people aren’t mean to others. Being kind will make you and others happy. It’s not that hard. You won’t regret it”

  • Maggie Peterson: “Try to go to as many things as possible and never say no to a new opportunity. Along with that I’d say to value the time you have left and really appreciate it because it goes by fast.”

  • Nina Fleck: Go to everything. And make sure to respect your teachers and build relationships with them.”