Summit’s Newest Counselor

Former teacher Lori Craft is stepping up


Bayla Orton, Staff Writer

You may have noticed the plant-filled, pink room that has slowly been put together next door to the nurse’s office. A plastic bulldog in a suit holds out candy on a tray, offering sweets to passing students and staff. This is Lori Craft’s workplace, reflecting her outgoing, colorful personality almost perfectly. 

Many Summit students might know Craft as she has been a teacher for almost 14 years in the Bend LaPine School District. She continues to teach, but now also works as an intern for Summit’s counseling staff.

“I taught in Anchorage, Alaska for 10 years. We moved back to Bend, where I grew up, and I have been here ever since,” Craft said. “I finally figured out that as a teacher, I wasn’t able to work with students on a deeper level. That’s when I decided to pursue my masters in school counseling.”

Despite having an office at Summit, Craft has been working for Bend-Lapine Schools Online. She has used this year to get to know students and fellow staff members, as well as gain experience for her masters degree. While working here the past year, Craft has fallen in love with Summit. 

“I have always worked as a teacher at the elementary level, so this is the first time I have worked with older students,” Craft said. I love the vibe of high school! I really enjoy everyone that I have worked with all year long. From the get-go, Summit has made me feel right at home.” 

While working at Summit, Craft has explored what it means to be a high school counselor for both students and herself. 

“My favorite part of counseling is the actual connections you make with students. I also enjoy seeing a lot of my former students from High Lakes,” Craft said. 

One of the current counselors, Karen Luke, is retiring this year, creating an opening for the position. Thanks to her new degree, past teaching experience and the connections made with current staff members and students, Craft will be a new member of the Summit High School family next year.

“After a year of being an intern at Summit, I am super jazzed to help students and families get excited about the future and all of the great possibilities available to our students,” Craft said. “I appreciate the other three counselors being willing to work with a rookie.”