Born to Succeed: Collin Moore

Collin Moore becomes the best high jumper in Oregon just two months after competing for a state championship in basketball

Kol Doan, Staff Writer

Collin Moore is best known as a standout Summit varsity basketball player.  He has devoted the last 10 years of his life to the sport. Whether he was blocking a shot, sinking a three pointer or dunking on someone on a fast break, you were bound to see a highlight from Moore. In March, he played a key role on Oregon’s second best high school basketball team. For a sixteen year old, his basketball career has been marked by outstanding accomplishments. Most impressive…. the best was yet to come. 

In early April, just two weeks after the basketball season ended and already well into the Track and Field season began, Moore decided to participate in Track and Field. He had low expectations and mainly wanted to stay in shape and have fun with friends. But Moore and track coach, Dave Turnbull, soon began to realize his potential and talent. 

Due to his natural athleticism and the fact that he had competed during his middle school years, Moore opted for high jump. On his first day at track, weeks after the season officially started, Moore casually ran up to the high jump bar and easily cleared six feet. To put this in perspective, six feet is something most high school high jumpers dream to accomplish.  This jump would set him only four inches below the state championship meet qualifying standard. 

This caught the eye of high jump coach Turnbull who talked to Moore to try to convince him to compete in the upcoming varsity meets. Moore however turned down this offer, wanting to focus his time on spring club basketball. 

After two weeks of convincing, Moore decided to sign up for the upcoming meet at Caldera High School. Clearing six foot three inches, He shot up in the rankings, qualifying for districts. Moore knew he had a chance to do something special with high jump. He went on to compete in two more meets with strong results. He was off to compete in the district championship meet at McKay High school. 

In the rain and cold weather, Moore and the other high jumpers struggled, with odds against them. The top three ended up in a tie, with jumps of six feet and two inches. Due to the tie and the fact that Moore had barely taken more attempts than the other two jumpers, he was placed third in the meet – essentially leaving him outside of score to qualify for the state championships. Days after the meet, Moore was granted a wild card entry to participate in the state championship meet. 

“I was super excited, I hadn’t done track for very long so getting the opportunity to go to state was amazing.”Moore said.

On May 20, in Eugene Oregon, the Oregon high school track and field state championship meet was held at Hayward Field. Collin Moore was set to compete in his second high school state championship competition in just over two months. 

“I had a nerve racking start at state, on my first jump at six foot, I ended up hitting the bar but luckily it didn’t fall down,” Moore said.

After a rough start, Moore cleared six foot two with ease. Then on six foot four, on his last attempt, Moore soared over the bar, placing him amongst the top two remaining jumpers. It was down to Moore and West Linn athlete Adam Maxwell for the state title. Both cleared six foot five but then ended up failing at six feet six inches. It was a jump off! After both clearing six foot five again, Moore was set to take on six foot six once again. In an epic finish, he succeeded after Maxwell couldn’t clear the bar, making Moore the state champion. 

“The feeling was amazing, I was pumped. Knowing what I accomplished was awesome,” Moore said.

In the span of just two months, Collin Moore went from being a key player for the basketball team that placed 2nd in Oregon, to achieving the title of the very best high jumper in Oregon. Truly an incredible feat from one of Summits many outstanding athletes.