Hitting The Road While Keeping Your Ride Clean

A simple guide to handling your first car


Danielle Evans, Staff Writer

There it was: a vibrant Toyota Prius sat in my driveway patiently. Eagerness rushed through me with the thought of freedom, driving friends around and taking it to school. To be honest, it wasn’t the most appealing car, it was small, compact and oh did I mention it was orange? Bright. Orange. 

How to Personalize:

Ah, your first car. Don’t worry it’s not supposed to be all that. It is a tool to get from point A to point B. And it likely won’t be yours forever. But, during its time in your hands, it doesn’t hurt to glam it up with your favorite accessories..

Sam Renner, Summit senior, enjoys spending his free time driving around town in his 2011 Audi. He has done quite a lot of work on his car– decking it out with a new grille, wheel and soon to be exhaust upgrades. Renner also has advice for younger high school students who are just getting started.

“Watch the price/miles ratio,” said Renner,“try to get something with low miles for a good price or if they have high miles make sure to get an inspection….get something that you would enjoy driving and you think looks good.”

After acquiring your first car, deep-cleaning is a key step. A car wash, quick vacuum or some  wipes are all great purchases that ensure your new ride will stay as fresh as the day you got it. Surf Thru Express Car Wash, located on the east side of Bend is a student-favorite for giving your car that much-needed cleansing. 

Gianna Pugh, sophomore at Summit, likes to take her car, Ginny, to get a wash at Surf Thru frequently. 

“I love [Surf Thru] because of how well they clean your car, the nice workers and the free air fresheners they give you,” Pugh said. 

To make your life easier, it’s also wise to invest in a car air freshener, portable trash can, first aid kit, and maybe some travel size deodorant.

Once your pride and joy is decked out and glammed up, it’ll be ready to show off to your friends and family. Amazon and Target have great car additions and accessories. Here are some tried-and-true essentials for your car:

The best car freshener atat fresh, clean and new car smell for longer. This air freshener is easy to set up, not extremely nauseating for those with sensitive noses, and guaranteed to get at least a few compliments.

Best Car freshener

Unfortunately, your car won’t stay clean forever, unless you make the effort. This perfectly portably-sized trash can is great for cleaning up all of your trash–and gives a designated spot for your passengers to dispose of their waste.

Car trash can 

For all of those messy spills and clean up after friends, car wipes are a necessity for everyone. 

Car wipes 

It’s not a bad idea to have an extra lengthy cord to reach the backseat of your car. This is a great durable, quality charger. 

10ft Phone Charger

In any case of emergency this travel sized kit is perfect for your needs and will fit in your glovebox!

Travel first aid


Best Places to Park:

At first, taking a car to school can be scary. After all, navigating the Summit parking lot can get quite stressful with the pressure of finding a solid parking spot and not crashing into someone else’s car…or worse a fellow student.

“Always drive carefully in the parking lot and make sure nobody is behind you when you are backing up,”said Saylor Gillet, Summit sophomore who just recently got her first car.

If you want to park with the upperclassman, the lot near the baseball fields is your best bet, even though it’s a farther walk to the front of the school. However, if getting to class on time is more up your alley, then choose the parking lot closest to Discovery park. 

“I arrive at school at 8:00 – 8:10ish to get good parking. Any later than that, there’s not a chance you’ll find a good spotp,” Gillet said.

Make sure you time the drive from your house to school so you can get to school before the bell rings. As Gillet explained, the later you are, the less chance you have at getting decent parking.

Most importantly, never resort to parking in the visitor area, near a red or yellow line, or on the sidewalk or grass. If so, you will get booted by school administration…or worse end up on Summit’s bad parking Instagram page. 

For new drivers, getting a car is exciting in every way. To ensure your car has the best maintenance, it is important to keep in mind the consequences and problems you could run into– take care of issues as soon as they face you. Being a first-time driver can be scary, but with time and through gaining positive driving experience, you are sure to learn all the tips and tricks to make life easier.