Roe v Wade Repercussions Hit Bend

The Planned Parenthood protest is set for Saturday afternoon.


Bayla Orton, Staff Writer

Since 1973, women have been able to excercise their right to medical abortions. Recently, this has been threatened. The idea that the Supreme Court could end the constitutional right to abortion in the United States has set off a political firestorm and deepened divisions about one of the most contentious issues in American Society. 

On May 5, POLITICO, a media and journalism company, released a classified Supreme Court document regarding the court’s intention to overturn Roe v Wade. With this release, it seems the court has put 50 years of reproductive freedom in jeopardy.   

The leaked opinion sheds a clear light on the pending reality many Americans worry about:  If Roe is overturned, the future of abortion rights will lie with the  states. Every state has a unique legislature, but not everyone lives in a state that is aligned with their political opinions. The result? Many women, especially those who already find themselves marginalized, will find it extremely difficult to obtain the procedure in question.

Although Oregon is unlikely to be unduly impacted by this ruling, Bend citizens are taking a stand at 1 pm this Saturday. In order to participate in the “Bans Off Our Bodies Rally,” hosted by Planned Parenthood, you must RSVP, ostensibly for security reasons. If you are interested, the register link is