Wordles 2.0

For those who are craving more Wordle, here are some variations

Mia Mees, Staff Writer


As The New York Times’ game “Wordle” skyrocketed in popularity, the off-brand variations grew rapidly along with it. Wordle is a word game, given six guesses, players try to find the five-letter secret word of the day. After each guess, the letters are color-coded to indicate which letters are included or not in the correct word. Below are 10 games that are very similar to the game en vogue. 

Nerdle– Nerdle is a daily math equation that follows the same format as a Wordle. In six guesses the eight symbol equation must be solved. 


Semantle– The Semantle secret word can be any word in the English language. With an unlimited amount of guesses, it’s a more complex and lengthy game. Each word guessed is ranked in similarity compared to the secret word of the day. The game updates in UTC, Coordinated Universal Time, or 5:00 PM PST. 


Spelling Bee– Another New York Times game. The game uses seven letters to find as many words as those provided, including one common letter in the middle that must be used in every word combination. 


Mickeyrlde– Disney has a plethora of movies, features, and characters that have plenty of vocabulary for its own word game. Similar to Wordle, six guesses are available to guess the five-letter Disney themed word of the day. 


Heardle– For those who are musically inclined, Heardle is a secret song of the day which starts by giving one second of the intro to the song. After each guess or skip, a longer part of the song is available to hear, with six chances to guess the correct song. 


Sweardle– Of course with the fun, creative spin-offs, there will always be an immature one. Sweardle provides four chances to guess the secret four-letter inappropriate word of the day. 


Taylordle-Taylor Swift fans are in luck, this version is formatted just like wordle, except all the secret words are lyrics from Swift’s songs. Recently it was updated to have words from four letters up to eight letters for more possibilities. 


Star Wordle– Considering that Star Wars is an incredibly large franchise, it was well deserving of its own daily secret word game. This version is formatted the same as wordle, with five letters and six guesses. 


Foodle– Foodle is another version formatted the same as the original, but this time with a food theme. Like most of the variations listed, six guesses are provided to solve the five-letter food-word. 


Framed– For well-seasoned movie lovers, Framed shows a picture from the secret movie of the day with six guesses. With every incorrect guess, another picture is provided with more clues that point to the correct answer.