The Rise of Eddie Benjamin

From basement singing videos to opening for Justin Bieber, Eddie Benjamin is officially on a come up.

Reese Campbell, Staff Writer

Eddie Benjamin made his first appearance on Instagram on June 22, 2014, playing his guitar and stunting his very advanced vocals. Viewers went crazy when they heard his smooth Australian voice and he immediately became a sensation. During Covid-19 Benjamin began posting a variety of these short Insta videos and quickly gained attention.

Collaborating with other small artists such as Lindsey Lomis, Maisy Stella, he soon was working with bigger names, like Justin Bieber. Benjamin’s name started to sound familiar after he began opening for Bieber’s “Justice” tour.

“His new music is so upbeat and fun, when I heard he was dropping ‘Weatherman’ it was such a shift change in his music,” sophomore Naomi Mclaughlin said.

McLaughlin admits she didn’t find Benjamin on her own, she had a little help from Dance Moms alumni, Maddie Zieglar.

“I did in fact listen to Eddie before he toured with Justin, I was a big fan of Mackenzie Ziegler and all her work so when they started dating I picked up his music pretty quickly,” Mclaughlin said.

Sophomore Dakota Tol became familiar with his music during the prime of quarantine when he first started posting.

“Over quarantine is when I really started to watch his music videos. He just came up on my explore page and I kind of went into a rabbit whole of watching his videos, even with only a few posted.” 

Benjamin’s come to help produce and write songs for singers such as Shawn Mendes, Meghan Trainer, and Earth, Wind & Fire. While producing, he’s also been able to write his very own songs including a recently dropped song “Weatherman.” This song relates to a sense of loss of control in his head and wanting to manifest brighter, happier days.

Along with his rising status, he and Maddie Ziegler, have recently begun dating causing his name to deep dive into his fame. The couple makes a point to promote “Weatherman” consistently on social media to  all 444k of Benjamins fans and a whopping 13.8 million of Ziegler’s long time followers on instagram.  

Soon enough it won’t be instagram stories it will be magazine covers and not opening a show but giving a full one, either way, Eddie benjamin is sure to be a name the music industry never forgets.