Predicted Top Four Shoes of the 2022 School Year

Last year Summit students took the phrase “shoe game” to a whole new level, and we expect nothing less from 2022.


Reese Campbell, Staff Writer

With not much more to do than shop this past year, there had to be a “must have” item. There were rotations of psychedelic prints, euphoria-themed makeup, chunky rings—the list goes on. However, nothing can beat a brand new pair of shoes. 

Here are my top 4 predicted shoes for 2022:


Dunks had to be one of the most upcoming shoes of the year, whether they were lows, mids, or Ben n Jerry’s, you could always spot a friend with a fresh pair. Fortunately for many high school students with not much money to work with, Dunks have become slightly more affordable over the past couple months and deserve just as much street cred without the trending prices.


Expensive, stylish, and always catches an eye. The Jordan 3s were once a rare sight to see around Summit high school, but now these un-creased shoes are starting to surround us all. As Jordan 4s quickly became the rising star of the sneaker game, we had to make room for a lesser seen shoe, and Nike seems to be running the show, as they always do. 


If you can find these shoes in stock ANYWHERE, consider yourself lucky. Specifically, the 8053 leather platform casual shoes were quickly added to everyone’s wishlist. A perfect mix between funky, edgy, and fashionista. These shoes have pretty much been out of stock for two years now, and that obsession will continue into 2022. Since Doc Marten likes keeping people waiting on the edge of their seat, most have to stretch far and wide to access a pair (eBay and Depop). While thinking it’s clever enough to look elsewhere, most sellers know what a pair of low docs are worth, so they’ll make sure they can run that price up as much as possible. These however can’t go out of style, who doesn’t want a chunky black shoe? 


Whether you stuck with the original black, or the hot pink mids, Doc Martens will forever be the shoe staple of the year for students at Summit. Over the past months a new pair snuck up on us. While they go unseen to most because of their more popular brothers and sisters, these shoes waver from the rest. With not one, but two heart buckles, a mid height and color choices between black, white, hot pink, and light purple, these are the full package deal. The price is kept steady at $150 as most Doc Martens are, and just like any other pair, you can always show them off with a dress or play them down with baggy jeans. However you wear your Docs, they can give any outfit some flare.