Stress Solution: Essential Oils

A look into essential oils and the benefits that they offer


Dylan Nolan, Staff Writer

Feeling stressed, lazy, tired? Essential oils might be a solution. High school students are no stranger to workloads, intense exercise and the stress of being a teenager. Luckily, with essential oils, one can relieve nerves,anxiety and muscle tension. Various scents like lavender, thieves, sandalwood and hundreds more, can be used for different purposes to better oneself, instead of short fixes with long term effects that millions of teenagers tend to turn to instead.

Unfortunately, many students relieve stress through illegal activities such as drinking and smoking, which worsens one’s physical and mental health over time. 

“Weed took over my life. I tried it hoping to relieve some stress, and it worked at first. But after a while, it became something I needed to feel normal. If I wasn’t high for over a day, I would become very anxious,” said a Summit student who requested to remain anonymous. Alternatives like marijuana and alcohol can feel like a fix at first, but there are many more problems than just stress under the mask. Drinking and smoking can ruin students’ academic careers and get them in trouble with the law. Essential oils are an alternate path to better one’s mind and body instead of deteriorating it. 

“I eventually talked to my mom about needing stress relevant for my body and mind after all the school work and workouts. She showed me some oil and applied it to my skin. The smell relaxed me almost instantly. I started using them in a diffuser at night and applying the oil to my skin,” said the anonymous student. 

Along with feeling stress, being tired is a factor in school and athletic struggle as well, Oils can help one fall asleep or wake up. A whole night’s rest is crucial to productivity. In an article from Nation Children’s Hospital, teenagers’ average amount of sleep is between seven and seven and a half hours. That is not enough as teenagers need a total of 9 hours. This lack of sleep can promote lazy lifestyles in students leading to bad habits such as smoking and drinking. Using essential oils to help one fall asleep earlier and get a full night’s rest will affect everything a student does. 

Essential oils can be used as an energy booster as well. Citric scents like lemon and orange can be applied to produce a better focus, energy, and attitude. Going to school in an energized mindset can help students pay attention or stay awake in class. 

“Essential oils can be applied to certain energy centers (chakras) of the body to enhance the function of those energy centers,” said Summit parent and physical therapist Rebecca Davis. Oils can be used at different energy centers like the wrists, temple, or any agitated area. 

Essential oils have various ways to apply them, such as a diffuser, direct application on clothes or skin, breathing in the scents, and more.  

“I use them in my diffuser and use some of them with lotion,” said sophomore Maggie Wyman. With many different ways to use oils, students can find what fits best for them. 75% of high school students report feeling stressed on a regular basis, according to, and there is a demand for a solution. Although, an alternative has been under our noses since ancient times.   

Using oils to help protect and heal has been used since 3000 B.C.E. These ancient societies grind up plant leaves, extract the oil from them, and use them as medicine. 

“Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to enhance lives and support spiritual practices,” said Davis. Using oils in her physical therapy practice has allowed Davis to treat people in pain, from car accident victims to stressed teenagers. Davis and many other healers worldwide use these oils to help those in stress, pain and discomfort. 

“They are comforting,” Wyman said. Along with many more students, Wyman has used essential oils to help keep them productive and attentive. Essential oils help sharpen a wandering mind or calm an overthinking one. 

“The oils have helped me subtle the temptation to drink and smoke with friends and have overall helped me get my grades up and become a more focused student and athlete,” said the anonymous student.

Students are constantly loaded with school, work, sports and various extracurriculars, these pressures can be a gateway to finding relievents that can take away one’s health. Finding an outlet to help relieve the burden of the upcoming future will help students be their best selves.