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Hayden Homes 2024 Concert Lineup

A sneak peak at some of the big-names coming to Bend this year

Students have already adopted their summer mindsets, welcoming the warmer weather with conversations about which concerts they’ll be attending this year. Bend is the birthplace of Hayden Homes Amphitheater, an outdoor event venue opened in 2002 that holds nearly all of the musical performances and stand-up comedy shows in Central Oregon. The amphitheater has welcomed many great performers in the past, ranging from Jack Johnson to Coldplay, and this year, many more talented artists are to come.

With the diverse assortment of musicians touring through Bend, not all of the music appeals to the average Gen Z listener. 

“I definitely think [the concert lineup] is catered to older audiences, unless you do enjoy some “older” music. Other than Hozier and The Beach Boys, many people my age in Bend aren’t willing to pay the money to see certain people,” said Summit sophomore Kennan Lahey.

However, while this year’s concert lineup may predominantly appeal to the adult demographic, consisting of “classic” bands most teens wouldn’t even recognize, there are a few performers tailored more to younger audiences. Here are a few acts guaranteed to enhance your summer memories with unforgettable fun!

Members of LCD Soundsystem posed for SNL musical guest photo shoot

LCD Soundsystem:

LCD Soundsystem, an American rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York will electrify the amphitheater on May 14, kicking off the concert season in Bend. Known for their blend of indie rock, electronic and dance-punk music, the band continues their “Kinda Tour.”

Comprised of James Murphy, Nancy Whang, Pat Mahoney, Tyler Pope, Al Doyle, Matt Thornley and Korey Richey, LCD Soundsystem uses a variety of electronic instruments and synthesizers as well as traditional rock instruments to curate their unique sound. They are recognized for their energetic live performances and role in reigniting interest in dance infused rock. The tickets are $89 so if you’re ready to experience that signature EDM beat drop, go purchase them now!

Portugal. The Man members (Maclay Heriot)

Portugal. The Man:

Portugal. The Man, an American rock band sprouting from Wasilla, Alaska but now residing in Portland, Oregon, are coming to the amphitheater on May 25 extending their “Winter of Summer of Luv” tour. Consisting of John Baldwin Gourley, Zach Carothers, Kyle O’Quin, Jason Sechrist, Eric Howk and Zoe Manville, the group gained recognition from their hit single “Feel It Still.” This Grammy winning band is known for their eclectic balance of psychedelic indie rock with pop and are sure to put on a great show.

Cage the Elephant members (Emma Birski)

Cage the Elephant:

Cage the Elephant are taking the stage at Hayden Homes on June 24 reuniting for their long-awaited Neon Pill tour, after a five year gap. This alternative indie band formed in 2006 is best known for their third studio album, “Melophobia,” which earned them critical acclaim and a spot in the mainstream music scene. 

The band brings their signature raw sound to the stage, along with elements of alternative rock and punk. Their music, characterized by catchy hooks, gritty guitar riffs and lead singer Matt Shultz’s charismatic vocal delivery, is well-loved by all age groups. With popular songs like “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” and “Cigarette Daydreams” this concert is guaranteed to be in-demand.

Slightly Stoopid and Dirty Heads members with their instruments

Slightly Stupid & Dirty Heads:

Slightly Stoopid and Dirty Heads, two California-based reggae-infused rock bands, are set to grace the amphitheater on August 18 as part of their collaborative 2024 “Slightly Dirty Summer Tour”. Bend is just one of the 23 stops announced for this much anticipated musical journey.

Their music is well suited for anyone who enjoys upbeat rhythms and mellow grooves that evoke a carefree atmosphere. Perfect for backyard barbecues and gatherings on the beach, Slightly Stoopid and Dirty Heads’ diverse sound has made them a popular act. So, if you’re looking to be transported into a world of relaxation and good energy, go check them out!

Hozier (Andrew Hozier-Byrne) playing guitar


Renowned for his soul-stirring vocals, poignant lyrics and bluegrass/folk inspired melodies, Irish musician Hozier will be playing at Hayden Homes on Sept. 4. His breakout single “Take Me to Church” is responsible for the widespread love of his powerful vocals and socially conscious lyrics. Delving into intricate themes of love, faith, justice and the human condition, Hozier offers a fusion of introspective ballads and powerful anthems. Unfortunately, the beloved artist has already sold out the venue, so if you were hoping for tickets you’re out of luck. 

“I was most excited to see Hozier coming here if tickets didn’t sell out so fast,” said disappointed fan and Summit sophomore Addie Mobely.

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