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The Kansas City Chiefs defeat the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in Super Bowl 58

The latest matchup between these two heavyweight results in a overtime classic
Bryan Snyder/Reuters

The Chiefs defeated the 49ers in Super Bowl 58, 25-22 in an overtime thriller causing either joy or heartbreak for many NFL fans across the country. 

The game was kept close throughout with neither team ever pulling ahead by more than 10 points. However in the first half it was the 49ers who appeared to be in control of the game, as their defense frustrated Patrick Mahomes allowing the Chiefs offense only three points in the first half.

The Chiefs situation worsened as on the chiefs first drive of the second half Mahomes threw an interception. The 49ers offense failed to capitalize on the chief’s mistakes, failing to score during the entire third quarter. This led the Chiefs offense to score 10 unanswered points against a tiring 49ers defense.

The game came down to the fourth quarter as neither team could wrestle control away from the other. Early in the quarter Brock Purdy and the 49ers drove down and scored a touchdown. However a missed PAT gave the 49ers only a three point lead which would prove to be a costly error later in the game. 

Heading into the final drive of regulation the Chiefs were down 19-16 and looking for a field goal to send the game into overtime. Mahomes drove down the field with ease never, looking like he felt no pressure, and kicked a field goal, tying the game to bring it to overtime.

This was the second time in history a Super Bowl had gone to overtime with the last being in 2017 when the Patriots came back to defeat the Falcons 34-28.

This was however the first superbowl to be played with the new overtime format and the game proved how much better this new system is vs the old one.

The old overtime format for playoff games is still in use for the regular season. There is a coin flip and whichever team wins can choose to receive or kick the ball to the other team. The team who receives the ball has the chance to kick a field goal in continuing the game. If they score a touch they immediately win, not allowing the other team the chance to also score.

This was the case in Super Bowl 51 where the Patriots received the ball first in overtime and subsequently drove down the field and scored a touchdown, winning the game. Matt Ryan and the Falcons didn’t have a chance to score.

There were many complaints about this system but the change still didn’t come for a few more seasons after many controversial overtime games. 

The tipping point came after the 21-22 season because of a divisional playoff game thriller where the Chiefs defeated the Buffalo Bills 42-36 in an overtime thriller that has gone down to be one of the best and controversial games in NFL history. The controversy behind this game stems from overtime where the Bills weren’t given the chance to score. Both offenses couldn’t be stopped in the second half as they each scored with ease. But since the Chiefs won the Coin toss they drove down the field and needed the game. 

During the off season the NFL adopted a new format for overtime in the postseason. The new format was similar to the overtime rules in college football. Each team has a chance to score no matter if the first team scores a touchdown. The game continues until one team doesn’t match the other’s score. This system creates more exciting and fair games.

This Super Bowl between the Chiefs and the 49ers was the first time this rule change came into effect as the chiefs sent the game into the second quarter of overtime where they eventually won it when Mahomes found receiver Mecole Hardman in the back of the end zone. Even though the full scale of the. Change wasn’t seen in this game, it’s apparent that the new rules are a welcome change to the NFL.

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