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Time to Mask Up, Again

Summit’s first masquerade coming in spring

The Winter Formal happens each January and Prom each May, but this year, Summit’s Student Council has one more dance up its sleeve. The Masquerade Ball will take place on Saturday, Mar. 2 at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes, following the theme of classic dances where people dress up and cover their faces with a decorative mask. Students will have the option to wear a mask or not, but it can add a fun aspect to formal wear, and it is suggested to wear one for enjoyment.

Earlier in the year, there was speculation of a Sadie Hawkins dance, which consists of girls asking boys to the dance, and also would have featured a Western theme and decorations. However, the elements of a Sadie Hawkins dance will still be added, specifically being able to ask whoever out to the dance without the gender stereotypes. For this dance, people are encouraged to ask anyone out, regardless of the norm.

“Whether you’re a guy asking another guy, or whether you don’t conform to a man or woman—if you’re either nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, whatever it is—I think it’s important to just give people that option,” said Max Himstreet, a Summit senior and member of Summit’s Student Council.

Masquerade balls began in the 15th century and were known as carnivals. The extravagant parties consisted of dancing, music, dressing up, and of course, the beautiful masks. Occasions like weddings, social affairs, rituals and many other events were sometimes celebrated as masquerades. 

The masks people wear at masquerades can be seen as full face, half face or any other variations. They come in many colors to match their wearer’s outfit and some may be held by a stick, while some are tied around the head.

“I feel like that’s a cool way for everyone to dress up but it’s not as basic… it adds an extra element to a dance just to make it more fun and exciting,” Himstreet said. 

This dance is for all students to be able to dress up in long gowns and suits (a masquerade is usually a formal event) to get together and enjoy the night. School dances are a fun way to get together with friends and dress up.

“I’m really excited now and hope we do [the masquerade] next year too. I love masquerade dances and I think that they’re super cool,” said Summit sophomore Emilia Hildreth. 

The dance will be another chance for students that may not be able to go to Winter Formal to attend another school event, and underclassmen will now have the choice to pick which dances they want to participate in. 

“I think that having two dances could be a good thing, especially to give more opportunities to people that might miss one,” said Summit sophomore Owen Cogen. 

For some people this dance may just be more formal attire to buy, but students still have the option to go anyway, regardless of what they have to wear. This fun, spring dance will hopefully bring excitement and extravagance to Summit High School. 

Here’s to Summit’s first masquerade, so get ready and get masked up!

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