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It’s Not That Deep.

Three unspoken rules when using Instagram as a teenager

Instagram, the social media platform released in 2010 as a photo and video-sharing platform, has become popular among all ages, especially teenagers. As the app has grown, so has a culture of unspoken Instagram etiquette. It’s almost impossible to walk through the halls without overhearing the inquisitive voices of students pondering why someone liked their post from 2019, or whether or not they should post photos of their latest vacation. There really is no direct guide to know how people will react to what you post on the internet, but here’s what some students at Summit have to say: 

1. Shoot your shot, post it already! 

A lot of the time we get a little nervous when it comes to sharing our lives with other people. We don’t know what they will think of us, but in reality, they probably aren’t looking super closely at what we post. 

“If it’s someone random that I don’t really know, I kind of just keep scrolling, but if it’s my friend I’ll like it,” said Summit freshman Max Vlasak. 

It’s safe to assume that other people are thinking the same thing. They aren’t examining every photo or video, and they might not even be looking. Next time you post on Instagram, think about what you would like, and not everyone else. 

2. Don’t like old posts, ever. 

Instagram notifies the owner of the account every time a post or story is liked, and by liking old posts, you’ve ostensibly become a stalker. And you will be noticed. 

“It’s happened to me for sure, and it’s a dead giveaway that they’re like ‘stalking’ you or going through your account,” said Summit senior Belle Molebash. 

It raises the question, why are they doing that? It’s totally understandable to look at old posts to get to know someone better, just don’t draw negative attention to yourself in doing so. 

3. Interact as much as you can!

Interacting with people is scary, that’s understandable. But you can make a lot more connections, and have more fun if you just do it anyway. 

“I don’t think it’s weird when people I don’t know like posts. Instagram is a great place to have more side friends that you aren’t close to, and have them get to know you a little better,” said Molebash. “It’s just not that deep.” 

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Anya Haar, Staff Writer

Anya, a first year staff writer, can be sighted through the doors of COGA, practicing gymnastics or telling little kids how to cartwheel. She makes it through her days by doordashing coffee, and constantly listening to Taylor Swift or boygenius. At home, she can be found surrounded by art projects she’s left unfinished, or trying, and failing, cool tricks she saw people do on the internet. 

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