The Last Hurrah

How this year’s seniors are making their last year unforgettable


The 22-23 school year was one full of wins, losses and memories, especially for the seniors who are now nearing the end of their high school career. 

For the majority of seniors, the last month of school not only consists of getting through AP exams but wrapping up online classes that are 20% complete and a substantial increase in tardies and absences. May is a mix of feelings; for many, these include stress, anxiety, sadness, and excitement. Then come the traditional senior joys like the iconic prank, sunset, spirit week, campout, chalking parking spots, and skip day, all of which are the first and last for many. These events are for seniors only and are a right of passage into adulthood.

In our generation filled with technology and social media, Summit Seniors created their own Instagram page for all senior year events, shs23_secretplans. It is run by a couple of anonymous seniors, and has drawn the attention of the rest of the senior class, enough to have all seniors follow and listen. Polls are usually posted to vote on events. The account started strong with Senior Assassin, a game of assassination with a water gun and a long list of rules to follow. Next came talk of the campout, which is an event after graduation to all meet up around the campfire and celebrate the triumph of finishing their K-12 years. The biggest event is the prank; although the prank stays a secret, there has been controversy on what seniors should do, especially due to the catastrophe of last year’s prank and the issues that occurred. The prank was considered vandalism, and the school was left in a bad state. With this in mind, seniors will have challenges in making a prank that pleases everyone. One thing is for sure; it will definitely be something special.

Some of the smaller joys that seniors get to participate in are one’s like senior spirit week. This year it took place from May 22 to 26. Monday started with commitment day where you wear something that represents your plans after graduation. Tuesday was bring anything but a backpack or find a way to not walk around the school. People brought rollerblades, skateboards, etc. Wednesday was white lie day, where students wore a white t-shirt with a white lie that fit them best. Thursday, was break the dress code day. Seniors showed up without shirts, wearing bikini tops and explicit words on clothing. They ended the week with white trash day, which consisted of cowboy hats and American flag clothing. 

Seniors reflected on their high school journey. Here are some of their highlights.

Grayson Barker: “The highlight of my senior year was soccer. Soccer created a foundation for my senior year and created valuable connections with new and old friends. What I’ve learned the most through senior year is that futures don’t make themselves, you have to create them.”

Payton McCarthy: “My highlights have been running cross country and track, spending a lot of time with family and friends and saying yes to every adventure because I realized it’s the last time I’m gonna be with everyone for a while. I’m going to miss all of my friends and being in high school just like as a whole, but excited for starting new!”

Ben Strang: “ I really enjoyed the big events like the football and basketball games. I’m gonna miss the people at Summit the most for sure.”

Chloe Laufer-Rae: “I really enjoyed taking ceramics, especially with friends. I’m super excited for college, but I’m definitely going to miss all the people here.”

In the days to come, senior skip day will leave classes empty, the prank will leave jaws on the floor and the last couple of days leading up to the graduation will be a time to reminisce on the end of an era. On June 8 at 7 pm, students will walk across the stage, diploma in hand (hopefully), throw their caps in the air, and feel the overwhelming relief that they are officially high school graduates.