Disney Golden Era is Ending

Will Disney still have the magic spark with newer actors in this era?


Disney Shows and Movies from 2000s through 2010s, also known as the golden era, where a lot of A-list celebrities like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, and Zendaya all started their careers on Disney Channel. With top shows like “Wizards of Waverly Place,” “Sonny with a Chance,” and “Shake It Up,” leaving the newer and younger kids to take over Disney channel shows and movies. 

For many decades, and more to come, Disney is one of the most iconic brands in entertainment. Their movies, theme parks and merchandise were and are adored by children and adults. The Disney company is usually known for producing the highest quality content, but lately the productions they are releasing and making recently have declined in acting making it not too worthy to watch.

There has been a decent number of TikTokers who are trying to act for Disney to get a start into a bigger career. Many of these social media stars, who have achieved their fame and popularity through the short video content, believe that Disney is the next big step in their careers.

TikTokers are still trying to be a part of a Disney cast, although these social media stars believe that their YouTube and TikTok content can help them onto the big screen. Sara Echeagaray, a TikTok creator, started with acting on TikTok and taking lessons trying to get her way up to a real chance at acting. Many young creators are trying acting classes, hoping their skills will increase their chances of being casted in a Disney production.

However, with TikTok being one of the big platforms for children, some children would want to see them as an actor or actress. With that Disney productions can be in question if they’re even making high quality productions as most of the newer actors aren’t suited for acting. Bunk’d, a run off of Jessi,  was off to a good start until the Jessie actors started to leave the show, and they replaced them with younger actors, making most viewers stop watching. For actors that don’t get a big shot from Disney have relied on TikTok, it is an opportunity for them to stay known and give them a better shot almost as a second chance. Asher Angel is one who took TikTok as a second opportunity to stay big after acting wasn’t really suited for him.

As time has gone by, Disney has maintained the magic it brings to the viewers, but can Disney still keep the magic that made it so beloved over the years? Can social media stars continue that magic to the brand and still make Disney a beloved company for years to come?