He’s Finally Here

The widely anticipated country singer Chris Stapleton is making his way to Bend.


 Country music star Chris Stapleton is expected to perform in Bend, Oregon for the very first time. Duets with Peter Frampton, Ed Sheeran, Sheryl Crow, Vince Gill and others have spread Stapleton’s name all across the boards of music, further than just the country genre. Winning multiple Grammys in previous years, including male vocalist of the year, song of the year, single of the year and album of the year, as well as a Country Music Award, multiple Billboard Music Awards and ACMA’s has helped him grow into one of the most famous country singers around the country. 

 Summit High School junior Paige Parton encompasses what country music “Bendites” were feeling the week of the ticket release. 

 “I was so nervous the tickets will sell out, I felt like all of Bend was waiting for these tickets,” Parton said.

 Performing at the Hayden Home Amphitheater on June 16, tickets, which ranged from $138 to $500, were first available for purchase Thursday, Feb 9, starting at ten in the morning. Hours before the tickets were released, there was an increasingly long line out the door at the box office in the Old Mill. Over 200 people lined the sidewalk, waiting to purchase as many tickets as they could. Purchasing tickets online was even harder to achieve. Once logged on to the Box Office website, the difference from being the 1st buyer and the 1000th was a matter of seconds causing tickets to be sold out in minutes.  

 Touring across the United States from New York to California, Stapleton is performing songs from his albums “Starting Over”, “Traveler”, and “From a Room”, Volume 1 and 2. Since his release of “Tennessee Whiskey” back in 2015, Stapleton has become a staple of the country music scene.

 Summit High School junior Abby Toolan is a dedicated Stapleton fan.“I think Chris Stapleton has managed to make it into every single one of my playlists, I listen to him in all my moods,” said Toolan.

 Upon Stapleton’s arrival, Bend starts prepping for a summer of concerts that will fill the season with artists from around the country and Stapleton is just one of the many well known artists that will be performing.