Val-O-Grams: Yes or No?

The true feelings behind this Valentine’s Day tradition


Imagine getting called to the front of the classroom. Everyone is watching. The choir gathers around you and begins to sing. Your only option is to watch your fellow classmates stare and giggle until you can finally sit back down again with a rose and note in hand.

Valentine’s Day is here and at Summit High School this romantic holiday comes with the famous Val-O-Grams. On Feb. 14 any student can pay $10 to have the choir go and sing to a special someone—and it even comes with a rose. But who really enjoys getting sung to in front of their entire class, and do the other people, the teachers, classmates and singers enjoy it? For some Val-O-Grams are enjoyable to receive and be sung to in class. For others, it is simply awkward. Val-O-Grams are fun to watch, but are they ever disruptive and annoying?

Junior Lilann Hammack has the opinion of many students that were interviewed. Hammack commented, “I Don’t want to get a Val-O-Gram but I enjoy watching others get them”.

“I don’t want to get one,” said Summit senior Poppy Fridae, “I enjoy watching them if it’s my friends getting them, if not then no.”

Many students generally like watching their peers get Val-O-Grams; they are a fun way to have fun with your friends—and tease them.

Some students are interested in receiving Val-O-Grams but the overall consensus of receiving Val-O-Grams is generally a no.  No one wants to be the one standing in front of everyone in their class while they are serenaded by choir.

 Valo-O-Grams, though occasionally embarrassing, generally have a good purpose behind them.

Mrs. Bussman, a Summit High School math teacher, commented, “I love Val-O-Grams! They’re so fun. I ask people to order Val-O-Grams specifically for students in my class because I think they’re so great and I think it’s wonderful for the other students in the school to see the performing arts come into other areas that they wouldn’t normally be performing.”

The choir which has limited opportunities to perform for the student body gets to come and show off their amazing talent and all they have learned this year. They get to spread the love of Valentine’s Day and make people smile.

Mrs. Quick, Summit’s math and computer science teacher also expressed her love for Val-O-Grams, “I love the idea. One day out of the year is totally worth it. It makes people smile and it makes students blush when they’re the one being sung to.” Many Summit teachers generally don’t find them disruptive or distracting, just a fun thing to do to celebrate Valentine’s day.

Mrs. Brines, a Summit biology teacher, is no exception, “I think it’s fine to take a break during class to acknowledge love.”

“I like them because they celebrate students,” Summits’ history and economics teacher Mr. Pierce said, “I think it’s funny when teachers get them and I don’t see anything wrong with them.”

The overall assent at Summit is that the Val-O-Gram tradition is a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day. Students and teachers, alike, can find the positives of the Val-O-Gram tradition from watching friends to acknowledging the talent of the arts to celebrating love.