Years of Practice Pays Off

Congratulations Rose Koehler


Koehler storms to the top and becomes the Summit Girls basketball single game points record holder. Summit and Ridgeview went head to head for the second time this season. Once again, the Storm were able to beat the Ravens by a margin of over 15 points. In her first game back from injury, starting guard Rose Koehler led the Storm to victory and managed to set a school record of 39 points.

When Koehler scored her 36th point, the previous record being 35 which was held by current assistant coach, Sara Heinly, everyone in the gym was on their feet cheering with excitement. It was an emotional moment for every fan in the gym, especially Heinly who felt grateful to share that moment with Koehler.

“I just felt overwhelmingly happy for her and proud of her. I honestly was pretty emotional because I know how special of a moment that was. She is such a special player and worked so hard for that and I was just honored to have been on the bench to watch it happen,” said Heinly.

“It was an amazing moment that I will remember forever. I feel so lucky to have a team that supported me with achieving that goal,” said Koehler.

Koehler started her basketball career at a young age. She participated in COBO and traveled on AAU teams. Her training, commitment and leadership led her to where she is today.