Bend-La Pine District’s New School Policies

Summit High School has students under a watchful eye for the 2022-2023 school year


When returning to Summit High School, students were quickly confronted with new policies that have affected their everyday life. The 2021-2022 school year was filled with absences, tardies and many students strolling through the hallways, wasting time. The Bend-La Pine administration addressed these concerns by adding new rules, regulations and restrictions.

Students, teachers and administrators all have their two cents to add about the new policies. One group of people who were greatly impacted is the class of 2026 – the freshman. The freshmen are now required to attend the Psychology of Success class, and they are not big fans. When the Lit & Comp 1 Honors Class was asked about the Psychology of Success class, a collective sigh was let out. 

“It’s unproductive to just sit there for 72 minutes.” said freshman Caitlyn Houston. 

While talking to Scarlet Tucker, another Summit freshman, she informed me that, “people form their social groups.” This makes it hard to meet new people, another goal of the psychology class. The psychology of success class was meant to teach how to be successful academically along with organization skills, however the noisy environment makes it very difficult to get any work done. 

Cian Rode, a freshman at summit high school did appreciate the planners they were given,“ during the Monday planner check I was the only one who filled it out, it helps to keep track of my activities outside of school too.”

Many freshmen agreed the class would be more successful and productive if it was optional.

Freshmen are also not allowed to leave campus during lunch. This is not a new rule, last year freshmen were allowed off campus due to Covid protocols but the closed campus rule has returned for the 2022-23 school year and is assumed to repeat the following years. After reoccurring issues at the Grove with the class of 2025, regarding inappropriate behavior in the public restrooms and an inability to clean up after themselves; it is assumed that these conflicts add to why the privilege was taken away for this year’s 9th graders. 

The school is noticeably quieter after the bell rings due to the elimination of hallway shenanigans. Vibrant green hall passes are displayed in every classroom and must be used if leaving the classroom for any reason. If not Darcy Michaud and Jamie Brock, two hall monitors, will be quick to track you down. The hall passes, although effective, are also very unsanitary, a big change from last year’s Covid protocols. The hallways are also quieter because of the closed-door policy. Along with hall passes Brock and Michaud also monitor locked doors. Some teachers will try sneaking a doorstop to get fresh air but you will soon hear the door close along with the hall monitor’s footsteps. The closed-door policy was put in place to keep classrooms safe in case of an active shooter, a sad reality for our schools today. 

It’s undeniable that attendance was a problem last year, in response the school put in place new tardy policies which consider students absent after 10 minutes. Detention is also handed out after 3 unexcused absences. The student handbook defines S.I.T which is “student improvement time” or glorified detention after school on Wednesdays. Along with S.I.T, restorative justice is listed as a consequence although is not defined in the student handbook, however the oxford dictionary describes it as “ a system of criminal justice which focuses on rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large. An 85% attendance record must also be maintained otherwise dances and other after-school activities can be restricted. These consequences will capitalize on how attendance is mandatory.

Luckily this year parking is much easier because of our parking passes. Parking passes have limited the amount of students able to park in Summit high schools parking lots. This policy has been used at summit for years prior although was also removed for the 2021-22 school year. The Addition of these parking passes have “Made getting to school easier and quicker” said Genevieve Steffen, a Sophomore at Summit High School.