Taylor Swift’s “Folklore”

Taylor Swifts Folklore

Emma Anderson, Opinions Editor

Though Taylor Swift is more recently known for clean cut chart-toppers, Swift’s new album “folklore” reverts back to her “Tim McGraw era” with slower underlying tones and indie influences. She has ditched the good girl pop vibe and traded it for an array of alluring cello, piano, and lyrics that capture listeners’ imagination. While Swift displays a new style, the break-up-song-to-get-you-over-any-ex-lover feel is still present. Critics might complain that “folklore” is not an album you’d jump around in your bathrobe to—and they are right. “folklore” is slow. However, catchy songs like “the 1” and “cardigan” are sure to stay stuck in your head for days with their catchy backtracks. From a lyrical standpoint, this is easily Swift’s best album, perhaps reflecting the maturity of an older songwriter. That being said, the musical variation and vocal versatility of “folklore” doesn’t quite live up to the peak Taylor Swift of “Speak Now.” Some might argue that “folklore” is the rebirth of the old Taylor, but I would suggest it’s the beginning of an exciting new era instead.