Young Royals

Iben Orton, Staff Writer

Season 2 of Young Royals, a Swedish young adult drama, was released on Netflix on November 1st, being praised by many. “A smashing success” stated the Los Angeles Times. The show was even rated an average of 4.8/5 stars on Rotten Tomatoes. 

Season 1, released July 1 of 2021, introduced young royalty Prince Wilhelm, and followed his experience as he related to openly gay character Simon at a wealthy boarding school. After the cliffhanger regarding the two in the season finale—deemed “jaw-dropping” by The Review Geek—viewers wonder what is to come.

The show picks up with Wilhelm having been forced to make the decision to prioritize his duty to the throne, causing his relationship with Simon to come to an end. When school starts back up for the second semester, the tension between the two is toe-curling as they begin to reveal if their relationship can be salvaged.