Lucki You: Lucki’s “Meet Me There”

The Chicago rapper draws a line between himself and the rest of the rap game in this new single


Ava Bien, Staff Writer

Lucki’s second single of 2022, “Meet Me There” was dropped on April 1. You can expect to see this catchy single on his highly-anticipated upcoming album, Flawless Like Me. The song was first teased back in September 2021, leaving fans anxiously waiting for more. 

Lucki’s music appeals to many as he leaves nothing off the table. He raps about topics such as his prescription drug addictions, to anxiety around relationships—making his music personal to fans. He began gaining fame in 2013 with his synth-focused beats along with his chill, dry-voiced flow. However, he had to pause from music in 2016, slowing his momentum, due to drug and mental health problems. 

In his return to music 8 months later, Lucki was completely open with his addiction, both in his music and in speaking directly. When he talks about drugs, it’s not a brag, it’s a confession, setting him apart from many other rappers. 

“The problem with that shit was just me. When you get high and [go through] withdrawal and shit, it can make you just become a really bad person. You end up taking it out on the people that love you and they really can’t be around you,” said the 22-year-old rapper in a Pitchfork interview. 

In his new, addictive, highly-authentic song, Lucki has a self-contradictory vibe, switching between brags and over-confidence to self-doubt and being hyper-critical of himself. Combined with his distinctly unique production and beats (produced by Chellobeats, Akachi, and BrentRambo), and sedated rapping, “Meet Me There” is unlike anything else out there.

Even so, his previous single “Super Urus” blew up and quickly became one of Lucki’s top songs, making “Meet Me There” fall short in comparison. Despite this, it’s still a great, catchy song with a unique sound that makes it stand out. 

While Lucki’s sound may not be to everyone’s taste, his imaginative talent, and authenticity cannot be ignored and you can expect his music to only continue growing in popularity.