No Love ft. SZA

Summer Walker’s new release, “No Love” makes its way on top of the Billboards R&B charts.


Danielle Evans, Staff Writer

Summer Walker’s “No Love” is irresistibly entertaining. Reflecting a one sided love story about Walker’s ex-boyfriend and his wrong doings, Walker opens the song with soothing vocals between her and SZA over a slow repetitive beat and deep bass. Walker sings , “ If had you back, I wouldn’t’ve did all that” describing her regrets towards an unappreciative ex. Both Sza and Walker admit that if they received a do-over, they’d make sure to be more protective of their hearts with this person. This appealing song embodies feelings of rejection from love and sexual gratification. Beneath the drama and chaos of the story Walker tells through her lyrics are layers of vulnerability, shown through lyrics like “You didn’t yet see my worth, so you try to play me. But I was so in love, love”. Sza intertwines strong verses into the song which gives a roast to Walker’s ex. No love includes the idea of pushing away the messy feelings that come with attachment. With an underlying sassy, cheeky, “girl-boss” energy this song is soulful and can get anyone in their feels, but it’s also a club-worthy hit.