Summit’s DIY Homecoming


Elliana Bowers, News Editor

Summit’s homecoming is rumored to be at the end of October yet any formal announcements regarding dependable information are scarce, leaving the student body with many questions. 

Unfortunately, Principal McDonald has made the unannounced decision to cancel Summit’s beloved homecoming. Forget the sweaty gaggle of students swarmed in front of the DJ stand and carnival rides in the freezing wind and snow. No, this year, it will look alot different. 

There are many things planned to happen in place of typical dance and traditional shenanigans. And although there will be a classic spirit week leading up to the Friday football game, the sweet and notorious “will you be my date to homecoming” signs will probably be left out of the picture this year.

In place of a formal homecoming, there will be an outdoor event on Friday the 29th after a home Football game vs McNary High School. Any student there can likely expect music to flow in through the speakers, possible food carts popping up right near the bleachers, and maybe some hot cocoa during the game. Be sure to attend the tailgate at Summit before the march towards the field. Much like the dance, this event has a theme as well. Be sure to plan outfits that adhere to the ski-out dress code, the perfect attire if the weather is anything like that in years past.

“Unfortunately this is just not the year for a traditional kind of dance, which is really too bad,” Principle Mcdonald said.

With the uncertainty of what the perimeters around school dances are pertaining to the ever continuing pandemic, Student Council is floating in the ambiguity of Covid and unclear guidelines, making it hard to give out a definite plan. The miniscule amount of information spread around the school by word of mouth is leaving students confused about the details. 

Brooke Leggat, Summit’s Study Body President, is elated at the idea of any gathering happening. 

“I am super excited we get to have an event,” Leggat said. “Though it’s not traditional, we’re going to make the most of what we are allowed to do!”

And in that regard, Leggat is not alone. Many students feel the same about getting together with peers, even if it is altered from Covid restrictions, especially our Principle. 

“It could be a really great and exciting game, so that should be fun. And I have no doubt that students will want to come out,” McDonald said.

This improvised event is a seemingly last minute effort to give the student body something somewhat substantial to look forward to, which is better than nothing at all some would argue.